You Should Try Lemon At least Once Every Day !

Vitamin C

Skin is the outer surface of the body, therefore we want a healthy and brighter skin. Glow with effective skin and fewer spots, dryness and paleness. Anti-ageing is also one of the important factors that are kept in mind as every individual wants to look younger. But due to pollution, stress and strain, the ageing signs are seen on the face but the proper presence of vitamin C can lead to a healthy skin.

Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables, such as lemons that you can apply on your body and eat or drink it anytime you want. So, one should try to have lemons at least one every day, almost every one of us like the tangy taste of lemon and can easily find it around the year.

Lemons can be added to your diet in many ways so that you enjoy on both ends, it’s the food to skin and body health.

The important benefits due to vitamin C on the skin are discussed below:

Lemons Benefits, it tightens your skin

Skin requires nutrition to tighten up you loosen skin. The skin might loosen up due to reducing of body weight, due to the increase in age. Younger people can easily tighten up the skin due to the presence of elasticity while compared to the old aged skin which is lesser.

Vitamin C can help in repairing of the skin by providing it with proper nutrition to the body internally or externally. Collagen helps information on the skin, without Vitamin C building up of the skin structure protein is not possible. Collagen is defined as the protein structure required for the formation of the skin in the human body

The protein, collagen is easily produced by a healthy body that resists from toxins and pathogens, harmful to the skin. Once the formation of the collagen reduces the skin also reduce the formation of elasticity.

Intake of vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, storing of vitamin C is not possible within any part of the body, the amount of vitamin C is taken is used in the formation of the protein structure required for the skin. Therefore, if in any case, the skin of the body loosens whatever may be the reason absorption of vitamin C will help in the formation protein structure and tightening up of the loosened skin of the body.

So, if you are losing weight and finding your skin to sag then vitamin C can help in the tightening up of your skin.

Vitamin C


Due to less sleep or the regular stress of our work can lead to the age spots on the face. This leads to dark spots on the face though there are a lot of cosmetic surgeries and cosmetics, creams and lotion, a natural treatment can provide a healthier skin.

Vitamin C is the natural component that you can use to reduce the dark spots acting as an anti ageing leading you to look younger also reducing the pigmentation of the skin.

Vitamin C

Skin Sunburns

Skin sunburns or tanning is one of the common issue or problem for the ladies who move out in sun every day. It is not possible to avoid the sun rays while anyone is out for their regular jobs. Sunburns cause damages to the skin leading to the changes in the skin color which becomes irresistible while in regular contact with the sun rays.

The sunburn on the skins turns your normal skin color to pinkish, brown or darker in color. The reason of the sunburns is due to the ultraviolet rays or radiations evolving from the sunlight which is harmful to the skin that may lead to inflammations in few cases. If you have sensitive skin then it can be possible to have sunburns easily while less sensitive skin takes longer time for sunburning.

Any nourishment provided internally is highly beneficial to the body. Ascorbic acid can reduce the sunburn while taken as any food item or applied externally on the body. Vitamin c helps in the synthesis of collagen that improves the damages on the skin, reducing the tans or sunburns on the skin. A natural form of antioxidant that is used for the treatment of the skin, it is very important to take in the natural ascorbic acid from fruits as humans and vertebrates lack the certain enzyme which is required for the synthesis of vitamin C.

External application on the sunburns can also help but for the long-term cure, one should try the natural method as it is easily available and it can improve equally from inside and outside.

Vitamin C

Wound healing

Vitamin C is essential for the healing of the wound; it increases the elasticity of the collagen that reduces the tearing of the skin. Vitamin C helps in a combination of the hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine necessary for the strength and stability of the collagen.

Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory, reduces the pain of the wounds including healing of the wounds. The skin cells structure is sustainable due to the presence of Vitamin C, it is always necessary to add in this in your diet to provide the required agent for the collagen to the skin.

People suffering from the ulcer can easily get beneficiary results the wounds causing through ulcers inside the body are controllable to some extent through the natural sources and increase the wound healing process caused due to any sort of injuries, surgeries or ulcers.

Perhaps suffering from peptic ulcers, wounds can be treated with ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which reduces the pain or any sort of inflammation caused due to the wounds or tearing of the skin with the synthesis of the ascorbic acid by the formation of collagen structure and repairing of the skin cells.

Vitamin C with a proper diet helps in reducing the inflammation causing due to ulcer and equally reduces the side effect of antibiotic used for severe peptic ulcers.


Sneezing, itching, skin redness and sometimes fever is caused due to allergies. Histamine imbalance or increase is responsible for the allergies occurring within the body. Vitamin C can reduce allergies, skin allergies are caused due to the histamine present or stored in the cells and basophils.

A rise in the histamine or histamine intolerance can lead to sneezing, asthma that is inflammation, mucus secretion and bronchospasm. If you have ever suffered from any swellings on the skin, it may be due to any stinking of the mosquito or while walking any plant touching your feet has led to itching, this sensation is due to the presence of histamine. The swell of the place due to mosquito bite may affect your blood vein while histamine widens up the blood for proper circulation.

The inflammation caused due to allergies, specially bronchospasm is reduced through vitamin C. The main process of histamine is to reduce the diamine oxidase but vitamin C enable to increase the diamine oxidase that helps the histamine rate to come down, Vitamin C acts as a booster.

Sensitive skins have the chances of allergies so the intake of lemons informs of juices or food can help you to reduce the allergies caused due to various reasons.

Vitamin C


Natural sources of vitamin C are available that is highly nutritious and cause more one benefits to the human health. Fruit rich in Vitamin C is mango, strawberries, watermelon and almost all fruits containing a good amount of citric acid.

Vitamin C should be present in the body to a particular range 90 mg in men and 75 mg in women, whereas below can cause various diseases like scurvy, though the disease is rare today deficiency can cause to Scurvy.

Anaemia is also one more disease caused due to the absence of vitamin C as it absorbs iron into the body while lack of it causes difficulty in iron absorption causing anaemia. Anaemia is a common disease found today but a severe cause of Anemia may require medical treatment may sometimes be required due to not only acute deficiency of Vitamin C but proper diet which cannot be controlled and cured through the natural sources has to be treated through medicines.

Though you mostly cannot hear of scurvy, a skin disease that has been almost eradicated due to the advanced medication but the reason of scurvy is lack of vitamin C within the body. Therefore it is very much necessary to add vitamin C rich lemons or any other fruits and vegetables to improve your skin health internally and externally naturally. Natural improvement keeps you fit for long without any sort of difficulties.

After knowing the above factors you can easily understand the importance of lemons or Vitamin C which is one of the important components required of the body. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and water-soluble properties improve the skin health, helps in reducing or resisting various diseases skin diseases. Lemons are sources of vitamin C with almost no side effects that are good to taste and beneficial to the body.

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