Dating Site For Married People ! Will It Work In India?


Online dating sites are a rage now.

Its boon for many singles out there. But there are some dating sites which are targeting to different demographic altogether i.e. dating site for married people.

Many people look out for extra marital affairs when they feel that their relationship is hitting rock bottom. And some companies have sensed this as a business opportunity out of it.

French website called ‘Gleeden’ is for the married people who are looking for other partner. Yes you read it. This eye brow raising French website is named as ‘Gleeden’. It started way back in the year 2009 and has good number of members. The site showcases its tagline- “The first extra-marital dating site made by women”.

The site boasts for features like bank card deductions that will appear under different names to avoid any suspicions and the website also clearly states that paid sex and vulgarity is not at all allowed. Apart from these features, the website also proffers instant exits when you feel like getting caught your spouse.

This site is developed by a team of women and primarily marketed to women but the site caters to both genders.

Dating Sites Are Criticised For Promoting Extra Marital Affairs.

The site of course had to face controversy due its theme. Its initial advertisements were withdrawn due to its concept. But the site blows the trumpet how the site which is a discreet out let for unmet needs and if infidelity handled perfectly can save marriage.

Will It Work In India?

This website is getting prominence in many countries and India is amongst them as well. As per the survey by Pew Research Centre USA, 62% of Indians had no qualms on walking the path of adultery. The percentage shows that how Indians find extra marital affairs as an easier way out.

Users feel they are not being disloyal to their partners

Some researchers conducted a survey among both men and women about the site and almost 95% users of the said that they are not cheating or being disloyal to their spouses after using this.So these dating sites come out as platform for those who believe that they are tired with same dreary life with the partner and would like to have some ‘fun’.

Is this a right attempt to make people’s life easier and a divorce alternative or this site can lead to devastation of marriages and adultery?

P.S. We are not promoting or against the website. This is just a news piece for awareness.

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