If You Are Doing These, You Are Cheating On Your Partner!


So, what do you define as cheating?

Lusting for someone else outside the relationship, or having sex with a colleague or a friend just for the heck of it? Or having lustful, romantic chats with someone other than your partner?

Are these the only form of cheating that wecan spell?

Well, if we go by the literal dictionary meaning, cheating is “the deprivation of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud.” Which clearly means, sex cannot be the only deprivation in a relationship.

I say, these days, there are a whole lot of things that couples tend to cheat each other on. The term relationship itself lacks direction today. Being in a relationship means dating; maybe twice or thrice a month, texting, connecting on social media, posting some lovey dovey pictures, and that’s it, “We are in a relationship”!

It is not realised that it isn’t a relationship at all. Something huge is missing.

Here’s how people cheat on their partners and remain completely unaware of their misconduct.

Lack of Communication And Expression 

The prime ingredient to a RELATIONSHIP is communication. When we know that we are in a relationship with that one specific person, who is not just another friend, we reserve a lot of emotions for that person. We ought to be expressive and vocal about them and display them every now and then. They need that reassurance from you, the assurance of love and intimacy. They should not be deprived of that. And if you don’t do that, aren’t you cheating on your partner?


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