Why Citrus Fruits Are Needed To Be Included In Your Beauty Routine?

Citrus Fruits

The range of citrus fruits include Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemons and lime.

They are enriched with citric acid content and appear round. Incredibly juicy inside, the peel of the fruits are leathery. These fruits are powerhouse of nutrients with an array of health benefits. These are boons for weight watchers who want to avoid calories yet aim to feel fuller for a longer period. A medium sized Orange carries 60 to 80 calories and a grapefruit contains 90 calories. The carbohydrates that are found in citrus fruits are glucose, sucrose and fructose coupled with sufficient dietary fibres that contain pectin which is entrusted for staving off cholesterol.

The tangy sweet taste of these fruits with a rejuvenating fragrance leaves a lingering effect on the mouth. These were originated in South Asia but are favourites of the world now.

Here are some benefits of citrus fruits on your overall health:

  • The Vitamin C content keeps your skin looking young for a long haul. Ascorbic acid helps retain collagen which maintains the elasticity of your skin. Applying the peel on the skin helps open the clogged pores and exfoliate it so the impurities are ousted in an instant.
  • Consuming citrus fruits can help wean off your hair fall. As Vitamin C retains collagen in your body, the hair becomes stronger, hairfall lessens and dandruff is beaten too. Besides, it gives your hair a protection from the harmful UV rays of the Sun.
  • Citrus fruits have amazing properties to fight cancer. Not many of us know it but yes. Orange and grapefruits contain components called flavanones that raise a resistant barrier against sudden stroke and cancer. There are other notable contents like flavonoids, folate, carotenoids and vitamin C reduce the risk of cancer too.
  • Consuming citrus fruits can help you fight depression and sleeplessness too.

These are the notable health benefits of citrus fruits. It is an imperative that you engage plenty of fruits in your diet so you remain healthy all your life.

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