These Are The Mustaches Style A Guy Can Flaunt

Types of mustaches

Types of mustaches – Every guy loves his mustache the way girls love their make-up.

From trimming them regularly to taking extra care to protect them from damage, men go to extreme lengths for their prized possession.

We trace the five most famous types of mustaches a guy can flaunt. Read on:

Types of mustaches – 

1 – Handlebar:
Very manly and macho, this type looks quite dramatic when worn by a man. As it covers almost your entire face, it’s best suited for those who have a very strong jaw line. Handlebar is also the favored mustache of kings and royals! Need we say more?


2 – French Beard:
Very stylish and chic, the French Beard covers the jaw area like a well-drawn painting. It looks good on every type of face, but suits the oval face cut the best. Considered an urban guy’s dream, this style has slowly found favours with two-tier cities as well.


3 – Stubble:
Girls love it! Little mass of messy hair on your chin can make a guy look oh-so sexy. If maintained properly, the stubble adds a lot of charm and charisma in a man. And if you’re a late bloomer, go for a stylish stubble to feel matured and hip!


4 – Pencil:
A slight trace of hair on your upperlips will give the impression of a sexy mustache without dramatising your face.
It might not suit every face, but does perfect justice to those who love to experiment with their looks. It takes a lot of time to maintain and trim, but is worth the efforts.


5 – Natural:
Let your mustache grow naturally and just trim them whenever they grow out of control. Give them a royal treatment by using appropriate gel and trimming spray on them.


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