7 Reasons Why Youngsters From Small Towns Are Making It Big!


Achieving your dreams is possible!

This was earlier only applicable to kids born in big metro cities and their counterparts living in small towns and villages of India only looked up to such idols! For them, even dreaming of a dream was an impossible task. However, times are changing now and anybody born in any part of the country can make it big in life. One of the reasons is the mindset these youngsters from small towns have.

Here’s a look at the major factors resulting in youngsters achieving their dreams!

1) Right environment

Firstly, the nation is on the cusp of creating history and it is not possible without the youth of the country making significant contribution to the process. The right kind of environment is there where in talented and skilled people are in demand as well as they are given right kind of opportunities to make it big! It doesn’t matter if one is from a small town or big town as long as he/she is deserving of the job!

2) Fire in the belly!

Since the youth realizes the fact that any dream is possible now, youngsters from small towns come to big cities and out in their best. The fire in them to live their life on their terms is way too strong to be diminished by petty obstacles in their path!

3) Self-belief

Media has made inroads in the hinterlands of the country and people have access to TV’s and Internet. This gives the youth living there a wide exposure to the world and makes their self-belief even stronger that they can achieve too.

4) Survival Instinct

After being born with basic or less than basic infrastructure in their lives, the survival instincts of these youngsters is very strong. Not only are they able to survive the ordeals after coming in a big metro, they are also able to keep their dreams intact and work double hard to make it happen!

5) Being lonely helps

Everyone needs support of friends and family to tide over the crisis of life, but the youth that leaves the comforts of home to make their dreams come true don’t have that support system. However, instead of getting discouraged, this loneliness and the urge to be self-dependant help them to further fight out the adversities of life. This results in being more self-aware and be able to face the odds of life with much more confidence and conviction.

6) Not getting it easy

These guys don’t get anything easy. Some of them travel thousands of kilometres on buses, trains etc. to finally reach their place of job or business. Hence they value it more and put in more hours to make sure that they retain it and even grow in their respective professions.

7) Deserving

Who sad small town people are not deserving or anywhere less than the big city guys? Well, these boys and girls are well deserving and equal to anyone else in the world. The right kind of opportunities and deep-rooted passion for success makes them special and super successful!

If you’re still wondering which these small town success stories are, think about boxer Vijendar Singh and Mary Kom, actress Kangna Ranaut, singer Brijesh Shandilya, cricketer M.S.Dhoni and many many more!

Life is beautiful guys and you can achieve anything that you want to! Don’t let your background or place of living restrict you from being the one you are born for!

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