6 Reasons Why Oh – So – Good Guys Always Get Friend Zoned


It is true that it’s kind of impossible to understand women.

Many guys out there wanted to know why they get friend zoned. If you are one of those guys, thinking what wrong I have done, then you are at right place.

Of course the major reason why girls are not interested in such guys as behave too friendly with them but still it’s interesting to know why girls stay away from nice guys.

So read on to know why girls would not like to take the relationship to next level with simple-good guys :

  1. Being way too good.

This is a very common good-guy mistake. Being good towards a woman is not bad but the real problem arises when you become too good. Most men think being gentlemen will win her over. And she may get attracted towards you because you show her how caring you are but ultimately she might label you as a best friend or nowadays the new term is used BFF.

  1. When you constantly try to impress her

Before she is attracted towards you, you have already given those signs of Oh-I-Am-So-Madly-In-Love-With-You. This is one of the grave mistakes done by guys. You showcase your feelings and how you are so ideal before she is fascinated by you. If you are trying hard to be friendly and cordial which is good to some extent, but you have to go beyond being goody goody.

  1. You knowingly or unknowingly try to talk or be around her every time.

It creates a bad impression when you are too much available for your friend. This will leave no room for chasing or getting intimate. It will be platonic relationship if you there’s nothing new left.

  1. You are unable to show your love directly and which girl would like her BF to be a coward.

Girls friend zone meek ones because mostly they lack confidence to make a move. So if you are spineless then you are bound to be ignored. Keep in mind that no action from your end could make you vulnerable to friend zone as she will lose interest in you.

  1. Taking too much interest in her things and showing way too much of care.

Guys and girls both must know this particular factor about space. Giving space is important in any relationship. If you cling to her and treat her like her elder brother then please you should know that she would not like to see her brother in her BF.

  1. No chase… No fun… No excitement

Innocent personality is mostly not like by girls. . And because of this trait, girls do not think about them in sexual way or find them attractive. Girls usually like guys who are unpredictable and show them their some exciting side. It’s hard to believe but it is important for guys to be masculine and create enough sexual vibe with her.

So do you know more reasons why good guys always get friend zoned? Then do let us know in the comments below.

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