6 Things To Do When You Are A Teetotaller In A Party


Teetotaller – You might feel a little awkward if you are the only person among your friends who does not drink. While your friends get drunk and do crazy things in parties, you sit quietly in the corner of a table.

You avoid going to parties because either you fear somebody forcing you to drink or you cannot imagine being of any use in a party filled with people who like to have a drink or two. Do not let your spirit get deterred by the fact that you do not consume spirits.

Here are 6 things you can do when you are a teetotaller in a party.

  1. Act drunk

The best way to excuse you from being bullied into consuming alcohol is to act drunk. Make people around you believe that you are sloshed and are one of them.  They will, anyways, too drunk to notice that you are having a non-alcoholic beverage. If you do not how to behave like a drunk person, just look person. There will be enough people to learn that from.

  1. Buy a drink

But do not have it. There are times when, even if you keep telling people that you are a teetotaller and could do without a drink, they will force you to haveone.  If people insist on you getting a drink, get one and just hold on to the glass till the party gets over. Get your friends involved in ac conversation and they will not realise that you have not had a sip from your glass.

  1. Hit the dance floor

The one thing prominent in parties, apart from alcohol, is dance. If you skip the drinking part, then you will have to at least get involved in the other bit, which is dance. If you hit the dance floor, your friends will be assured of the fact that you are enjoying the party and they willnot force you to drink.

  1. Keep talking

People mostly offer or force you to have a drink when you are sittingquietly. They think you need something to get in the groove of the party. You must socialise with people and actively participate in the conversation that your friends are involved in. Keep talking constantly and do not let anybody feel that you are not enjoying the party. You must come up with some interesting topics to keep the flow of the conversation smooth.

  1. Get others drunk

If you have no plans to drink, then you must get your get your friends drunk. Once they are in an inebriated state, they will not be in a position to coax you into drinking with them. Talk to them, laugh on their jokes and they will soon forget they have not got you to drink. You must carry out this act smoothly, in a way that they do not get a whiff of it. It will be a lot of fun to see your friend’s antics after they are sloshed.

  1. Socialise with fellow teetotallers

If you find it hard to talk to drunken people or are uncomfortable in their presence, look around for people who, like you, do not drink. There will be a couple of them around for sure. Like you, there will be a few people who would be feeling a little out of place in the party. Just find them and try to strike a conversation with them. You could end up making some good friends.

When you are a teetotaller – Every human being likes to socialise. Letting go of an opportunity to attend party with your friends just because you think you will be uncomfortable there, would not be a wise thing to do. You just need to know few tricks to excuse yourself from having a drink while enjoying everything else that a party has to offer.

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