Why An IDEA Is The Most Expensive Thing On Earth


IDEA – They sat on the floor chatting with each other. The family was happy with the son’s performance. The mother remembered that time when there used to be innumerable hot arguments between the father and the son.

At that instant, the father contented with the son’s achievement looked up at the son and said, “When I was your age, I was asked to not make things up, as that would result in something nobody would want. And today, you don’t just get paid for it, but you also earn in lakhs.”

Ever since the evolution of mankind, ideas have been a very important part of human brain. Everything that is with you, in front of you, for you and by you is the result of an idea that clicked somebody’s brain at some point of time. We see why ideas are the most precious and expensive thing on earth. Read on!


  1. Because your ideas are your wings

Your ideas are a reflection of the way your brain functions. They are tangible, can be tossed around in new combinations, are colourful and can get attached to your dreams to make you fly high. Your ideas are more like a splendid bird that can articulate patterns emerging even in the time of distress or chaos.

  1. Because your ideas are a representation of your knowledge

You learn and you think. An idea clicks your mind only when you think, which happens because of your knowledge depth. If your idea is accepted by a number of people out there and appreciated in terms of money, matter and quantity, it is your knowledge which is being talked about. For example, who knew that a social networking website, invented by just another software engineer, would grow so big and important in time, that it would be one of the major medium of social awareness and sharing your opinion.

  1. Because your ideas are your means of showing creativity

Whichever sector are you employed in today, your get paid because of your ideas. Your ideas are a derivative of your knowledge and your creativity. Be it education sector, corporate, media, construction, engineering, medical or any other employment sector known to mankind, all you are recognized and paid for is your ideas. Ever wondered why and how did the ‘dabba waala’ business start? Brilliant culinary skills and idea together formed that thing you’re probably thankful for today.

  1. Ideas are the guide to future

Ideas make the world, as they are the guide to future practice. When mobilised, they become the templates of thought and practice. When you plan to meet a long term friend of yours and you can’t really think of a good place, what is the only back up in your mind? A lot can definitely happen over coffee. You can even rack your brains back and forth to think about other things. Did you know that your favourite coffee place believes in an idea for another idea.

You pool them or bind them or keep them solely yours, it is ultimately those ideas that has brought you where you are and where the world is at present. So rather than preserving them, let them flow and maybe you’ll be considered as a reason for change.

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