Things That You Have To Follow Before Going For Court Marriage !

Court Marriage

Court marriage is becoming quite common among youngsters.

Most of the youngsters are preferring love marriage over arrange marriage.

But in most cases, parents are always against due to the different caste or religion. So, therefore, the best option which is left to get marry is court marriage. In which these are some important things to remember before going to do a court marriage.

1 – What will you need for this

In a court marriage, you don’t need your parent’s approval. If they are against your marriage for inter-caste or for different religion marriage you can still get the approval for the court marriage from the marriage officer to register the marriage. But both parties and three witnesses are needed in the presence of the marriage officer. It will also be countersigned by the marriage officer.

2 – Application submission

The application in writing is to be submitted by the parties to the district marriage officer. In which one party must have stayed in the city where both the parties want to get marry. For example, if the male and the female are in Chandigarh and wish to marry in Delhi. So one of them needs to stay in Delhi for 30 days from the application’s submission.

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3 – Court Marriage conditions

The male must have completed 21 and the female 18 years of the age for court marriage. If you already got married once before then the previous marriage will not be valid.

4 – Objection against marriage

If anyone is against your marriage they can raise the objections to the district marriage officer within the 30 days of marriage application submission. And if the objections are accepted then the district officer needs to make inquiries and if the objection found true then the marriage cannot be solemnized. But still there is a solution against the objection and that is an appeal which needs to be filed by either of the parties to the district court within the 30 days of the objection.

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5 – Certificate of marriage

Don’t forget to take the certificate of your marriage which will be given by the marriage officer in the form of the act in the marriage certificate book. And it needs to be signed by the both parties and three witnesses in front of the marriage office, such a certificate is the evidence of the court marriage.

These all are the most important things to keep in mind before going to do a court marriage. Although there are many advantages of the court marriage as well like it can save a lot of money and time.

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