5 Girls Next Door Are Superwomen Of India

Superwomen of India

Superwomen of India – Since the days of realization of their potential, women from different generations and locations have proved their strength and capability in shining amongst the patriarchs with equal grandeur.

They have made amazing contributions in the fields of governance, administration, business and defense.

The women power has changed the way this patriarchal society used to look at them and proved, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within” as said by Maya Anglou.

Superwomen of India –

Superwomen of India

But, sorry face is that girls are still struggling for their existence, some are aborted in the womb, some are discarded like materials and the ones who survive either are raped or given the responsibility of the kitchen. Though the figures are changing, but still there are many who doesn’t even realize their dreams and accept the state of submission as their destiny.In all this, the inspiring thing is that our girl gang don’t believes in giving up and leave no stones unturned to achieve their goals in life.

Here we have five such next door Superwomen of India, who decided to rise over the normal and give a befitting reply to the gender biased society, who think girls are nothing but the weaker and tender sex a second-class citizen with no voice and vision. Time and again women have proved whether you give them household or work-field, when they are determined they can change the world and be the trend.

Superwomen of India

How about starting with the first woman IAS officer of independent India? Isha Basant Joshi born in 1908 British India, proved that when girls are being brought up as a child without being distinguished as per gender, she can also achieve the impossible. Nowadays, we see many girls are securing their place in the most prestigious career of the country; but back in those days it was a great challenge for a woman to prove herself. Isha ji was posted as a magistrate and then assistant commissioner in Delhi, she held various departments including senior roles in the Ministry of Education. Another name which flashes immediately is Anna Rajam Malhotra, who also created history by joining the Indian Administrative Services in 1952. Despite being persuaded by the interview board members in taking other department for being a woman, with determination she stood her ground and earned the position she deserved. Despite being humiliated, mocked and being doubted about her potentials, she proved that she is not just another girl to give up, and kept on progressing in her career. Under her leadership, the first computerized port was built in Mumbai. She was the first woman to hold secretarial post in the Central Government.

Superwomen of India

When we are talking about women in services, then how can we forget our first woman joining Indian Police Services.Our beloved Kiran Bedi, a living inspiration for every girl. Not only that, she was a social activist, who was the first person to introduce prison reform in India. She joined IPS in 1972 and served in various roles as a narcotics officer, administrator and as an antiterrorist specialist. In 2003 she became the first Indian woman to be appointed as United Nation’s Civilian police adviser. At present she is serving as Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry union territory, since 2016.

Superwomen of India

Flying officer Avani Chaturvedi created history by becoming the first Indian woman fighter pilot to fly solo in 2018. She flew MiG-21 Bison in her first training. This fighter plane has the highest landing and take-off speed in the world. This is what we call girl power!

Superwomen of India

Tania Sachdev, a perfect illustration of beauty with brains. She is being associated with one of the non-glamorous men dominated indoor sport, chess. Her selection of sport speaks a lot. She won titles like Women’s Grand master in 2005 and International Master in 2008. She also received the Arjuna award, inspiring the ladies to take up the sport they love without being driven by the gender convention.

Superwomen of India

Arunima Sinha, with her high spirits she has scaled the Mt.Everest. What is remarkable about her achievement is not only the highest peak, but her determination to reach the top despite losing her leg in an accident was never dented. So, before you complain about the adversities get inspiration from a superwomen like Arunima.

We can continue the list with Kalpana Saroj, a Dalit woman who was married at 12, beaten up and tortured by her husband, came back to her family and went from rags to riches. She is now an award-winning entrepreneur and is described as the original “Slumdog Millionaire”. Sania Mirza, SainaNehwal, P.V Sindhu, Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom, Kiran Desai are to name a few, who had written their names with golden letters. They not only achieved their goals but has paved the path for the girls who are never ready to give up their dreams and wishes as a tradition set by the misogynists of the society.

Remember girls, you are the successor of Rani Laxmibai and Mother Teresa, the two extremes of a woman’s nature. So, never let your dreams be forgotten when you wake up but turn your reality into your dreams so that you can enjoy your sound sleep without any repentance. These renowned personalities named or missed are not just inspiration but a belief that determination and will power can make things happen and adversities are the hurdles to be ignored to go ahead.

These are Superwomen of India – Each girl next door can be a future superwoman, if they are being nurtured and encouraged like a child and not just a “girl-child” they can become Superwomen of India.

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