Ferrari Announces Newest Ferrari 488 GTB. A Turbo-Charged Offering This Time!


0 to 60 in 3 seconds?!!!

Are you kidding me?

Ferrari Announces Newest Ferrari 488 GTB.

That’s lesser than the time it takes us to write one word on paper! Well, that’s what Ferrari soon plans to dole out to its customers; a Ferrari 458 on steroids!

New Improved Ferrari

Welcome the new and improved Ferrari 488 GTB which is the 458’s successor, boasts to be faster than ever and the most responsive and agile production Ferrari to date.

Due to newer carbon-emission restriction laws in the European Union, Ferrari was bound to replace the 458 Italia with a new and improved Ferrari 488 GTB that is the first ever turbo charged V8 since the F40, a legend in its own class. Turbo-charging helps boost fuel economy and reduces carbon emissions drastically thanks to better air-cooled engine technology. It closely adheres to the Ferrari California T in terms of turbo charging efficacy for better fuel output. The car’s heavily scalloped twin side-channels throw cool air onto the V8 engine to keep it naturally aired and its newer aerodynamics help keeping it stuck to the road in terms of better down-force.

New Ferrari 488 GTB improved

New Ferrari 488 GTB improved


Speed That Thrills

Since it owes its aerodynamics to the California T, it touches maximum torque at seventh gear, thanks to a seven-speed paddle-shift gearbox. The V8 has a total of 3.9litre displacement, although the 488 GTB’s V8 is about 600cc smaller than the 458’s, yet it dishes out close to 760Nm torque and 660 horsepower – about492 kW of power making it one of the most monstrous Ferraris till date.

It hits 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.0 seconds equal to the quickest 458 Speciale. The icing on the cake is that the turbo-charged unit of the 488 makes the car hit 200 km/h (125 mph) in merely 8.3 seconds, eight-tenths of a second quicker than any other 458 Speciale. Its top speed is currently claimed to be just over 330 km/h (205 mph).

Ferrari 488 GTB - Thrilling speed

Ferrari 488 GTB – Thrilling speed


Fresher Aerodynamic Built

Look-wise it looks like a regular Ferrari supercar from afar, but close inspection reveals newer aerodynamic vents and better spoilers to cut down drag. At the rear end, the 488’s broadened tailing now uses a larger and more aggressive diffuser that includes active flaps controlled by buttons on the steering wheel during braking procedures to produce more down-force. New and bolder LED taillights are also part of the new look.

At the front is a double front spoiler and active under-body aerodynamics to help produce better down-force and helping cool the massive, air-hungry engine. The new double front spoiler sports a unique design which improves thermal efficiency of the radiators that flank it on both sides, the central pylons help direct air towards the GTB’s under-body aerodynamics for better grounding.

Ferrari 488 gtb Aerodynamic Built

Ferrari 488 gtb Aerodynamic Built


Secure Drive

In terms of safety, it offers Side Slip Control 2 (SSC2), which judiciously uses the 488’s traction-control, e-differential mode and active dampening to keep the car flat on the ground and variably stable during very reckless and throttle hungry driving.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB


Interiors Remain The Same

Inside, the layout is similar to the 458. The new Ferrari focuses more on the driver in this version to provide better aerodynamics and handling. The infotainment system and all of the controls are handled by nifty buttons on the steering wheel for ease of use to the driver.

Ferrari 488 GTB Interior

Ferrari 488 GTB Interior


The car goes into production this September and is scheduled to mark its debut at the next Geneva Motor Show.

Official prices are yet to be announced however experts estimate a price tag of about £190,000 (about INR 1.8crores).

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