5 Smart Ways To Live Your Life With Limited Money For The Next 50 Days Of Demonetization

ways to live your life with limited money

After the ban on 500 and 1000 rupees note, a lot of chaos has happened in the country.

Things have become difficult for each and every person, moreover, no cash in hand is just a frustrating situation.

While some people are panicking and running to banks every day, there are others who are relaxing and have found alternatives to live life with limited one. Well, I am just one of them because demonetizations isn’t affecting me much.

And if you want to deal with this current scenario in a smart manner, you need to follow these tips.

Here are 5 smart ways to live your life with limited money for the next 50 days of demonetization.

 Ways to live your life with limited money –

  1. Opt for sharing cabs

If you are one of those who take a rickshaw or taxi to work, it’s time for you to ditch it and choose sharing cab services provided by Ola and Uber. In fact, you don’t even have to pay cash for these rides as you can recharge your Paytm wallet or Ola account through debit card info and enjoy cashless rides. You’d be surprise to see how feasible that is.

  1. Go to supermarkets for daily necessities

From dairy to groceries to beauty products, whatever you need is available at supermarkets with an option of card payment. Basically, whatever you need is just a swipe away and you can keep that cash you have for real necessities.

  1. Keep it low

If there is a birthday coming where you need to buy gifts or any party that you have to organize at home, try to keep it low. Otherwise, just buy a gift online or throw a party at some place where you can pay through card.

  1. Pay bills online

Pay all your taxes, utility bills and whatever commitments you have online. See, you don’t have cash and you want to transact cash just as much you can use because there is no other use. And it is perfectly easy for you to pay those bills online, right? If you don’t know how to pay them, just ask for help at a cyber café.

  1. Take out cash in once

Do not go to the ATM to take out 500 or 1000 every day because standing in a queue of 100 daily is not a wise option. Simply transact 2000 at a time and try to function with that for as many days you can. Do not go to the bank directly for transacting 10000 because that includes Rs.2000 notes and nobody has the change, which means you won’t be able to use the money.

These are the ways to live your life with limited money. So, try to support the government, appreciate the initiative and run your life easily at the same time.

It’s just a matter of few days and then it will all be back to normal.

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