8 Ways To Avoid The People Who Are Bothering Your Senses!

Ways To Avoid The People

Almost each one of us has to come through the situations where one has to deal with absolutely unpleasant people.

I am quite sure, you would be having such “getting-on-your-nerves” kind of people who are  the exact opposite of charming. It could be your over imposing boss, an irritating colleague, an idiotic neighbor, or an unavoidable family person.

The traits of such people are that they are utterly negative, they are gossipy, they are perpetually critical and they are hell bent on demeaning anything and everything. And it is psychologically, socially and mentally damaging to be around such people!

While at times it is difficult to cut them totally off your life, it is very much possible to avoid them, provided you know certain tactics to do so.

Here I bring you 8 easy ways to avoid the people and their negative energies around, and spare yourself of all the unwanted stress.

  1. Social Media Invisibility

In the given world of highly influenced social media communities, it becomes irritating whose posts are constantly negative or questionable. They can give you a stress which becomes unbearable! A simple way to avoid such hugely crass people is to unfollow them and hide their posts form your news feed. They wouldn’t even come to know about it and your objective will be met! Well, I am sure, It would be nice if you could unfollow them in real life, too, but let’s take things one at a time.

  1. Keep Minimalistic Conversation 

If at all you are in such a relationship with some negative person where you simply cannot push them out of your life altogether, I suggest, keep the conversations with them to the minimum possible. Only give answers when they ask something, that too in monosyllables! Do not engage in long conversations! This is easy to follow unless you are a people pleaser or you are intimated by the person in question, like if they are your boss or someone influential. Still, I insist, you try on being the real you and do not fake niceness!

  1. Save Your Smiles For People You Love

If you bump into someone you wouldn’t want to greet any which ways, there is absolutely no need to fake a smile. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you an ice robot. Smiling at a person that’s giving you stress is like giving food to a crazy dog. Just do what you’re doing, and hope they will ignore you, too. Even small talk could affect your well-being, so don’t entertain that by flashing a big smile.

  1. Delay The Responses – Give Them Signals

When they try to reach you for whatever reasons, through e-mail, texts, PMs, or Skype messages, make it a deliberate effort to always delay the replies. Unless, of course it could really harm you or your work. Replying late will give them a signal that they are unwanted entity in your life. A cold shoulder treatment is the most rude way to make someone realize how unimportant and meaningless they and their tantrums are! Do it continually till they get enough humiliation and back off!

  1. Listen To Your Favorite Music In Their Presence

What a great way to escape the world without explaining yourself, right? It’s one of the most popular anti-social devices, which you can easily use when you want people to leave you alone. Not only will it prevent you from talking to them, it also really soothes your nerves. Create a playlist in your phone, that has the ability to transport you in an unknown territory and make sure you listen to it when the irrigating person is around. When they come marching toward you, you simply press play to counter the bad energy.

  1. Avoid Looking At Their Face While Talking 

If a person is constantly getting on your nerves, the easiest way to get them off your senses is by not looking at their face, if at all you have to interact with them, out of sheer work reasons. Keep an uninterested body language and make sure none of your body parts display alertness while talking to them. Yawning at this time works like magic! Can you fake a yawn? Yes? Wonderful!!

  1. Make Positive Changes In Life

If the person who is unacceptable in life, yet somehow it is impossible to shun them out of your life, for example, an unreasonable sibling, or a relative who you end up being with everyday. In this case you will have to make a few positive changes in life, like going out for long drives all on your own, eating your favorite food once or twice a week, pampering yourself for no reason at all. These little changes in routine will basically keep you happy and are likely to change your pattern of interaction with the person that stresses you.

  1. Deep Breaths And Happiness

If you’ve done all the things mentioned above, yet they are sticking around like a white-clad ghost, maybe it’s time you start living with the fact that they’re always going to be around. To help ease the thought, take long, deep breaths for at least one minute. This will help you recharge after being exposed to negative energy. It also keeps you from bursting into a fit. No trust me, I am serious here! Also, be extremely joyful to the point that they stop affecting you anymore as a negative energy. Yep, the best way to ignore someone who’s mentally stressing you is by accepting them!  By being so joyful and exuberant, that you’ll even want to hug your enemies! Get the point?

Well, try these and see a difference for yourself! Developing a highly positive attitude helps in any condition and it prevents negative people from ruling you senses. Apart from cultivating a “I don’t give a damn attitude”, rewire the way you think and feel.

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