Do You Need To Avoid White Rice To Lose Fat?

avoid white rice

Avoid white rice – Many diet charts will recommend you add or deduct different type of food from daily routine. These diet charts basically help in the process of losing weight.

While cutting white rice out of daily routine is highly recommended. White rice can potentially have negative and positive effects on your weight-loss progress.

But, over a period of time there is an increase in the sale of brown rice. We are replacing are each and every white food item with brown ones like brown rice, brown bread and many more. So, is this mean we are we were taking wrong type of diet?

Or brown rice is good for weight loss process?

Do we need to avoid white rice? Let’s find out the truth behind the white and brown rice!

Comparison of brown and white rice

Brown rice is high in fibers and contains various vital nutrients. It is whole grain food which is very beneficial for digestive system and helps you to control your weight. Brown rice is extract from crop and just the outer layer of the husk is removed. On the other side rice are further processed to remove bran and then polished layer is white rice. If we measure the sustenance value of brown rice and white rice; brown rice has double the value of Phosphorus, Manganese and Vitamin B6, twice the amount of Iron and Vitamin B3, and also contain various fiber content than white rice.

Reason behind white rice is not effective in weight loss process

As we see brown rice are more beneficial than white rice in vitamins and minerals form. One of the important sustenance which is missing in white rice is fiber. Though they are good source so carbohydrates, but these carbohydrates are actually giving you a sugar rush in blood level which is not good for your weight loss.

The existence of good carbohydrate in white rice is not balance by good fiber content, the presence of which loiter carbohydrate digestion and will not give you a sudden insulin spike.

Insulin usually helps in conversion of sugar into fat and does not let the body use fat as an energy source.

You have to avoid white rice to lose fat. So, this is the reason why we should avoid eating white rice when we are on a weight loss diet.

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