Asha Negi, Ridhi Dogra And Surbhi Jyoti Squad Will Surely Give You Friendship Goals!

Asha Negi, Surbhi Jyoti and Ridhi Dogra

Asha Negi, Surbhi Jyoti and Ridhi Dogra

As the saying goes “Best-friends are just hard to find”; but for Asha Negi, Surbhi Jyoti and Ridhi Dogra it seems they have found their BFFs.

These popular actresses leave no chance to entertain audiences with their talented skills. But, now it seems they are impressing as well as giving us true friendship goals too.

TRUST ME their friendship will make you believe that actresses can be friends in the entertainment industry. Oh wait! I meant best-friends. And their adorable pictures show that their attachment is just unbreakable.

Check out their BFF moments from these awesome pictures:-

  1. Best-friends always hold each-others hands and have such cute pics too…

IMG-20160810-WA0006 (5)

2. Oh yeah! They are the beach babies(Wink!)

Asha Negi, Surbhi Jyoti- Ridhi Dogra

3. And selfie-queens too...


4.Look at the happiness of togetherness reflecting in their smiles…

Asha Negi-Surbhi Jyoti-Ridhi Dogra

5. Awww! Welcoming the new member in squad (Wink!)

Asha Negi,Surbhi Jyoti,Ridhi Dogra

6. They perfectly capture their crazy little madness…Agree?

Asha Negi-Surbhi Jyoti-Ridhi Dogra

7. Letting their goofy side out…

Asha Negi,Surbhi Jyoti,Ridhi Dogra

8. Yeah! It seems they are literally meant to be the soul-sisters…

Asha Negi,Surbhi Jyoti and Ridhi Dogra

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