Jane And Johnny Have Some Honey !


Whenever we talk about natural elements we find that it has a relation with ancient medicines, because of its health beneficial qualities. Honey, the plant compound has been used in the world of medicines for over 5000years. Here in this article, we have honey in its natural form for you to know its benefits on your health which is much beyond its taste.

Honey bees collects the nectar from various flowers and convertsit into honey, a thick sweet fluid. The taste often varies depending on the flowers, the bees collected the nectar from for harvesting honey.


Honey is a great natural substitute for the refined sugar, in order to be healthy. It has wound-healing and allergy restricting properties, as well as anti-bacterial elements in it. So, this is just the tip of the ice-berg Johnny (I mean all my friends over there) we have many more befits for you, which will convince you to have some honey every day.


This brown, sweet and thick fluid is famous for its usage in the treatment of array of diseases. The Ayurvedic Practitioners uses honey in combination with various medicines to give relief from stress, sleep problems, weakness, tooth-ache in children, cough and asthma, high blood-pressure, arthritis and various other ailments. Since ages, many cultures have used this honey in their medical practices. In Ayurveda, the practitioners used honey to treat indigestion and imbalances in the body.


Though it has negligible number of vitamins and minerals, but it is far richer and healthier than the polished and refined sugar we use in our daily lives to add sweetness in it. Honey is made up of almost 40% fructose and 30% glucose. Other than that, it contains maltose, water, sucrose and traces of minerals like iron, calcium, phosphate, potassium and magnesium. The acidic pH level in honey in a slight amount helps in arresting the growth of bacteria and the antioxidant elements clean up free radicals which have a link with some illness.

Hey Johnny! This highly beneficial plant compound offers a list of health benefits friend. Let’s have an eye:

Firstly, this dark and thick fluid is rich in bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants. Including phenolic compounds like flavonoids. This rich antioxidant source can promote eye health, which can be quite helpful for the people spending hours in front of computers and mobiles. Other than that, it reduces the scope of heart diseases and some types of cancer.

Secondly, it is a healthy substitute for refined sugar and artificial sweetener, in order to control the calories. So, a spoonful of honey in your tea, coffee or warm nimbu-panicut short the calorie intakes, which helps in weight management for the young ladies and gentlemen out there. But remember, use it in moderation, though it has much less calorie than sugar, but excess intake can work in other way. Excess of anything is bad.


Thirdly, for maintaining a healthy skin, honey can play a vital role in this polluted environment, because, it is a rich source of plant compounds and antioxidants. The antioxidants protect the skin by reducing the production of free radicals which may damage the skin cells resulting in various skin ailments. Along with skin treatment, this plant compound can be used for the treatment of burns and wounds.


Fourthly, for children above twelve months, honey can be used as a natural cough suppressant. When it is used with ginger and taken during sore throat and bad cough, this natural supplement gives immediate relief and some studies suggest that it is more effective than the cough syrups and medicines for this purpose.

Fifthly, this lovely natural plant compound is beneficial for your sweet dreams. We mean to say, honey is known for its soporific effect and in turn improves your sleep naturally.


So, these were few natural benefits you may enjoy when you switch into honey as a sweetener of your life. A line of caution, though this plant compound has health benefits but can harm the infants below one year. It is suggested to give honey to the children above 12months. Everything has good and bad in it, according to the law of nature. Being a human, we can use our wisdom to select the good from the bad. So, eat healthy, exercise daily and breathe healthy, after all health is wealth.

Natural is always beneficial, at least it would not have any side effects in long term. So, it is far better to use natural & healthy food as medicine, than giving the reins of your world to the pharmaceutical industry.

Now, Jane and Johnny (and the ladies) have some honey! Take Care. Ciao!

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