Bid Adieu Medicines & Welcome Garlic !


Garlic benefits – Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician once said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”, he was the father of Western medicine.

To treat variety of ailments he used to prescribe garlics in his prescriptions. And now recent researches have established, that garlic indeed has medicinal effects, which can be used to nip various deadly diseases in the bud.


Here in this article we have come up with various beneficial effects of garlic on human beings, which will convince you to bid adieu the mesmerizing medicines and welcome garlic in your life. Many recent researches have reinstated that garlic has the potential to provide an ideal inexpensive and safe alternative to drugs and vaccines in reducing the most common causes of death in the world.

Garlic grows in various parts of the world in abundance and is liked by most of the people owing to its taste and strong smell. But in ancient history before making its way to the kitchen pantry, garlic was used for health and medicinal purposes. When the garlic is chopped, crushed or chewed a Sulphur content forms, which enters the body through the digestive tract and spreads all over exerting its potential biological effect. Diallyl disulfide and s-allyl cysteine are other compounds which adds to the medicinal benefits in garlic.


Low in calories but rich in vitamin C, B6, B1 and manganese. Other than that, it has calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and copper in decent amount. Rich in mineral contents these white cloves are excellent in combatting common cold and boost the function of immune system.Some studies have found that, the extract from an aged and matured garlic can reduce the number of days of suffering from cold and flu by almost 60%.

Cardiovascular diseases are the biggest killers in this stressed world. You would find almost four out of every ten person complains of hypertension and heart issues, irrespective of their age. Garlics are considered to be very effective in controlling the climbing sphygmomanometer. The active compounds in those white cloves do the job. Four cloves per day can help the patients suffering with hypertension, it can be as effective as regular medications. This in turn saves the people from the side-effects, which they may face in near future as a penalty for regular use of the hypertension drugs. Cholesterol level can also be maintained by systematic consumption of the garlics. The garlics retards the progression of arterial plaques and protects against clotting keeping the heart healthy.

Antioxidants present in this magical plant can help the patients to fight Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and reduces the risk of getting attacked by such diseases. The antioxidants work by protecting the human body against cell damages and aging. It is beneficial to fight many chronic diseases, which can cause fatal ailments because of dysfunctional immune system especially in elderly people and helps people to live longer and healthier.


The high doses of garlic intakeimply high Sulphur compounds present in it entering the body. This protects the people from organ damages, which may cause from heavy metal toxicity. Three doses of garlic each day can beat the effects of the drugs from the clan D-penicillamine in reducing the symptoms of the diseases caused by heavy toxicity of metals in human body.

By increasing the estrogen levels in the females, and its calcium contents, helps the women to increase the bone health. With advancing age, the bone health of the women reduces, but garlics can work wonder for them.


Garlics can be very beneficial in preventing another fatal disease like cancer. Breast cancer, cervical cancer, some kinds of leukemia, pancreatic cancer and few more deadly and costly diseases of mankind can be treated with this inexpensive natural element. Like many other complex foods, garlic contains phytocompounds, which articulate more than 200 distinct physiological responses in mammalian body and helping in its smooth functioning.


The foods we eat not only helps in physique building, but it also contains gene and epi-gene regulatory information. The co-evolution of mankind with the plant kingdom has resulted in a genetic order depending on certain key compounds available in our vegetable diets delivered in natural form. Garlic has such elements in abundance in it, which not only helps as a medicine but also helps in organic growth of our body, thus helping us to get out the mesmerizing vicious circle of pharmaceutical industries.

Other than above health benefits, garlic has magical effects on toothache, arthritis pain, lowering blood-sugar level, and reducing weight. Make sure, next time you go to the vegetable market stack your pantry with these white beauties, after all we all deserve a healthy life and hard-earned money to be spend on people around us and not on medicines.

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