Things Every Elder Sibling Will Relate To

Elder sibling

Elder sibling – There is a common conception in Indian families, that is, the elder sibling has to be immolating and forgiving whilst the younger one gets the larger share of the attention from both the parents.

But then again, the inputs of the elder sibling gets the first priority when the family is taking a decision. The younger siblings always have it easier and there are a lot of struggles that fall in the share of the elder one in their journey to adulthood.

It is because the elder sibling chooses to step aside, the younger one enjoys all that heightened attention. We are, hereby laying down a few pointers that the elder siblings will completely relate to:

You tend to get overprotective:

Your younger counterpart will always shy away from telling you things because you will always point at the negative side of the situation. Not necessarily the situation has to be as toxic as you fear it to be but you can’t help being over protective. Your heart pounds at the thought of your little munchkin getting emotionally flushed.

They see red from you if they act silly:

You have the third eye of ‘Shiva’ laid upon them even if most crowded of gatherings. So, in case if they go overboard with the alcohol or wooing the opposite sex, your eyes will definitely track them down. No escape route!

No arguments appreciated:

You don’t stand any arguments from them. You always shut them up saying that you are older and Indian kids are not supposed to argue with those older and respected.

They will always feel that they are having a third parent:

Well, that is you. You can’t help being the overpowering influence in their life. Your parents will always entrust decisions about them with you in blindfolds because you can deal them with motherly/fatherly fondness.

You will always have their back when they are landed in a soup:

You will jump in their recue when they have stirred the troubled waters, no matter how bizarre the situation is. It all started from sharing your pocket money with them in case if they have ran out of theirs. They can always rely on you no matter what. Of course, in the process a more responsible person has become of you too.

You are the reservoir of non-stop dating tips for them:

You are the wise owl who never runs out of dating tips and other philosophies about life. Whenever they need relationship advice of judgment on their potential love interests, they will surrender before you to seek your advice.

You will never talk about your problems to them:

You will always be secretive about your problems because you are not quite invested upon their philosophical bent of  mind. They will always be the small bunch of joy that your mom brought home and you, their guiding force.

So all the beautiful mischievous siblings out there, Aapke dosti ko kisiki nazar na lage. 

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