How Does It Feel When Your Siblings Are away From You?

When siblings are away

When siblings are away – It is rightly said that you realize a worth of something when it’s away from you.

Siblings are the best people you can have right next to you at any point of time. Yes they work as a punching bag when frustrated, one of the first people to know about your achievements and of course the partner in crime.

No matter how much we crib, nag or fight with them, at the end of the day we know that they cannot replace any one.

It’s really bad when our siblings leave. Some leave for higher studies, some for work, sisters get married move to other place and then we actually realize their importance in our life.

When siblings are away, those endless fights and arguments used to be an integral part of the daily routine.

When siblings are away –

1 – You are left alone.

If you were sharing the room with one of your sibling, at first you might be happy of having the whole room under your custody but then suddenly its feels all alone in that room and you just miss them so badly.

2 – All attention is given to you.

So now whatever you do, especially wrong, suddenly all attention is focused on you and yes, of course you miss your partner in crime.

3 – Responsibilities are passed on to other siblings.

If you are the younger sibling then many of the responsibilities or the work the elder sibling used to do will be passed on to you. Also there are things which have to be done all by yourself like you miss their helping hand in the college project or assignment.

4 – You eagerly wait for the reunion.

Yes! There are so many secrets to be shared, a new food joint in the city which has to be checked out and many more. These are the things for which the siblings are awaited.

5 – Festivals without them are a nightmare.

You miss them the most during the festival time. After all festivals were all about having fun and the best family time you can have.

When siblings are away – And, similar is in the case of the siblings who have moved out. They miss that someone on whom they can totally rely upon. But this distance in turn helps in making the bond stronger and makes both the sides realize that there is no one other who can take their place.

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