Struggles Of A Person Who Lives Alone In An Unknown City

who lives alone in an unknown city

People often think that living in an unknown city is quite fun and is almost like an adventure.

For those who move to an unknown city to live alone, it is almost like an adventure in the beginning when you get to explore a new life at a new place but soon it all goes down with the time.

Once you get settled, things get intense and you deal with struggles that are hard to understand for those who have not yet lived alone.

So for all those who don’t know yet, these are the struggles of a person who lives alone in an unknown city.

who lives alone in an unknown city –

  1. No one to talk to

Yes, living alone gives you time for yourself but at the same time, you have no one around you with whom you can sure how your day went by, how you feel at the moment or what you want to do. You may make some friends after a while but in the beginning, it kills you when you have no one to talk to.

  1. Too much work to juggle

On the one hand you work your ass off at work to fulfill your dreams and then you have to come home, run all errands and complete the chores. This juggling between work and home becomes too much to take at times when there is a lot of stress.

  1. You hardly know about the city

While you must have Googled a lot of stuff about the city you have shifted in, you sometimes miss not knowing a place as much as you knew the place you were born and brought up in. The little things about a city makes us feel like we belong to it and that’s what goes missing in initial days of living alone.

  1. You miss food

Though every city offers us something great to eat in terms of specialty, a new city and its food is always hard to adjust. We keep on missing the food we used to have on regular basis that either our mom can cook or we can get at the place we used to live in.

  1. You feel lonely at times

It’s usual behavior to feel lonely when you come back at home and it’s empty. There is always need of some laughter, gossips and people you can share food with, which goes missing when you live alone.

These are struggle who lives alone in an unknown city. No matter how much you are struggling living alone in an unknown city, always know that things will be better once you spend more time at that place.

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