Dog Lovers, Here’s a Good News For You

Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers – Our furry buddies are our best friends, there is a reason for that, they are self-less and their love is pure.

When you come back home from a tiring day at work, they will wag your tail and welcome you home. They will be overcome by joy that you are home with unselfish love. That is what your dog always inundates you with, a love that is pure, fresh and therapeutic. Dog parents usually treat their dogs as human children as they have the same emotional string attached to them.

In fact, in western countries, they appoint professional dog walkers to walk their dogs and take care of them when they are at work.

This is a common sight that during the dusk, many elderly people take their dogs to the nearby garden but it becomes a really tedious task to enjoy some space as the joggers claim half of the field too. Furthermore, the dogs defecating accidentally brings a lot of unsolicited jibes towards the dog parent.

One is supposed to feel bad when his child is hurled abuse at. But dog lovers, brace yourselves for something really interesting, India’s first dog park is going to open in Hyderabad and there is already a lot of buzz about it.

A tide of enthusiasm and ecstasy washed over the do enthusiasts that the crannies will now have a park of their own which is set to be inaugurated in Hyderbad this week. The park will be set up in Gachibowli, in a place which was previously a garbage dumping ground and that will be refurbished to create this dog park which has already become the talking point. The park was hence unnoticed but a potential place nonetheless for 1.3 acres of land. The main feature about the park is that it will have all the latest facilities for your dog.

They will introduce many dog training equipment , play equipment and off leash areas of exercise, splash pool, sprinkler fountain, amphitheater, two lawns, separate enclosures for big and small dogs and even a clinic. This already sounds so enthralling even before opening. The park will also have facilities for the specially abled people who come with their helpers to walk their dogs in the park.

KT Ramarao, the Urban Development Minister from the Telengana Municipal Organisation had said, that the park has been certified by the Kennel Club of India, The estimated amount that has been incorporated to set up the park is 1.1 crores. This is a benevolent move to help the pets stay rejuvenated.

Dog Lovers –  This will be an unwinding experience for them cutiepies as we are so thrilled to even think of it.

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