Do What You Love To Do Is A Wrong Advice! Ask Why?


Do What You’re Good At, is in many ways quantifiable and evolved. It applies in almost every situation and it doesn’t have a minimum or maximum achievement goal.

If you are naturally good with people, consider becoming a PR rep, a tour guide, an airplane host and so on.

If you are good with managing things, opt for a business operation position, office organizing job, or a management role. You may not love it all the time, but you will have a strong hold on it, as you will sail through it with your natural actions. And hence the success.

The point is, it can be an easy out to just say, “Do what you love”! But in reality, it can ultimately lead to feelings of worthlessness, confusion, and desperation.

Hence, we must replace “Do What You Love” with “Do What You Are Good At”!


And next time when you see a mug that says the quote “Do What You Love”, take a moment to think about the person who printed it on the mug. Would they be loving their job, or are they simply good at it?

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