Do What You Love To Do Is A Wrong Advice! Ask Why?


We often hear the corporate gurus or self proclaimed life skill coaches reiterating very loudly;

Do What You Love!

Marketing gimmicks, find it too snazzy a quote to print on the cushions, on the mugs, on inspirational stuff and more, and sell it in the name of self-motivation.

In short, it actually paints a picture of some unseen paradise, that may open up to us if we start doing what we love to do! Which may include; skipping office every day, smoking in the lunch room, sleeping at boss’s favourite couch in the recreation room, and eating a lot of pizza loaded with cheese for dinner, every night!

We all would love to do that, and much more nasty stuff, but, can we?

Therefore, it becomes clear that “Do What You Love” is actually a misleading advice! It is utterly wrong! It is not at all realistic.

Well, if you love someone dearly and want them to grow in life and career, never give them this advice – Do What You Love To Do

Asking me the reasons? Here I have the super believable ones!

  1. It Is Purely Impractical Action

If we start creating a world, where everyone is doing only what they love to do, how exactly are we going to fill in for the jobs, that no one loves to do, but are utmost important to run the world and the economy. Also, Too much of stress on doing what one loves, can bring a sense of failure, or dissatisfaction, or frustration in those who actually are in the wrong jobs, against their liking.


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