Do What You Love To Do Is A Wrong Advice! Ask Why?

  1. It’s Highly Discriminating

You would agree with me, when I say that not everyone is lucky enough to be placed on high profile jobs or rich comfortable positions. Everyone wants to be a CEO or a Chief, a lead singer, a successful start-up owner, or a rich businessman. And, let’s face it, majority of high position earners, earn it for various reasons such as, their socioeconomic status, their influential background or sometimes merely good looks. Not necessarily, they earn it out of pure skills and talent. And people who have nothing of these, are often stuck in the middle of the struggle. Hence, it becomes quite clear that “Do What You Love” discriminates people with lesser resources and boons, from those who are loaded with good luck. If they don’t have resources, and favourable situations, how exactly are they going to do what they love?

So you get the point, right?

Now that we know it isn’t a good advice, then what is the counter to that? What is the right advice?

I’d say, don’t do what you love, but, “Do What You Are Really Good At”


  • Firstly, if you don’t do something you’re good at (even if you “love” it), you won’t be successful and happy, consequently.
  • Secondly, the best way to find a job that will truly satisfy you is to focus on the one, that aligns with your core strengths


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