These Are The Couple Yoga Poses That Will Help Rekindle Your Bond

Couple yoga poses

Couple yoga poses – Yoga brings a breath of fresh air in your life by soothing your chaotic mind stuck in the cobweb of responsibilities.

Yoga transports you to a different level of sublimity and washes you over with peace and all things tranquil.

There is a secret sound in yourself, you hear it only when your mind is at peace. It is known to provide great stretch to your body and strengthening your muscles in the bargain. But these is a fact that you were yet not privy of is Practising Yoga with your partner can help you reconcile the lost charm of your partnership and ensure greater endrance and flexibility of the body. You are likely to feel more motivated when you practise yoga with your partner.

Here are a few couple yoga poses that can help you rejoice the partnership while toning down your muscles.

Seated Twist:

You have to sit cross legged back to back and lengthen your spine upward. Your back should be straight and inhale and exhale should be relaxed.

Seated side bend:

In this also you will have to sit cross legged back to back and do an unsupported side bend. Your exhale and inhale should be normal and if you encounter and problems from the spine, we urge you not to continue this Asanas.

Facing twist:

You will have to sit cross legged facing your partner with your knee touching theirs, join hands with them on both sides, pull them right with your left. Your own right shoulder should be stable in the due course and inhale and exhale should be normal.

Camel pose:

You have to come to a knee standing position facing away from your partner. Both of your heels should be in line while your lower back should be in support with your thumb. You will have to deepen the stretch by pushing your hip forward and tucking your tailbone down.

Assisted fish pose:

You will have to lay on your lower back with knees lifted up and together. Your knees should be at a comfortable height which is halfway up the ribcase. Your partner’s head should rest on your knees. You can gently pull their arms to deepen the stretch.

partner yoga

Half lord of the fishes pose:

This is the seated twist that you can perform with your partner where you have to sit back to back and cross legged in Sukhasana, inhale your arms, exhale and twist to the right while trying to reach for your partner’s left knee/skin or thigh. Hold this position for 5-10 breaths.

Couple yoga poses

These are Couple yoga poses – Practise these yogas to vacate your mind of the chaos and establish a good bond with your partner while staying fit together too.

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