These Kind Of Answers In An Interview Are NEVER Going To Get You A Job

Hiring managers use your interview to measure how fit you’re for the job. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why did you not hear back from the hiring manager.

Have you been wondering where did you go wrong in the whole interview process, and why has the hiring manager not contacted you ever since?

You did everything well.

Got selected for the interview, the interview went just fine, yet the disappointment continues.

Hiring managers use your interview to measure how fit you’re for the job.

Your ability to think, sense of humour, emotional intelligence quotient, your attitude, selling skills, and other skills required for the role.

While you think that you answered everything accordingly, let’s take a look at a few reasons why did you not hear back from the hiring manager.

Did you sound unprepared or nervous?

To be frank, it is absolutely normal to be nervous about your interview. Also, it is obvious that your nervousness will showcase itself to the interviewer. But candidates who come for interviews without preparation irritates most of the recruiting managers. You may never hear from the interviewer if you said something like, “Hey. Um. This is kind of my first professional interview. So, um, hope you understand what I am going through.”

Even if you sound nervous, make it your strength and not the reason you get rejected. If you start to stumble, it’s okay to say something like, “I apologize. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in this position.” Be genuine and be confident.

Your way of responding to his/her welcoming words

Because hiring manager do their bit of work regarding your profile and other professional details, they expect the same from you. Say you reached ten minutes before time, and have been waiting for quite some time now. Generally, candidates tend to get bored when kept waiting for long. So, when the manager says, “So, how’re you doing?” in an energetic tone, never reply in a way which proves that you are bored enough to talk.

For example, if your reply is something like- I am fine (straight face, deprived of energy, and don’t-make-up-for-keeping-me-waiting expression), your interviewer has already lost interest in interviewing you further.

Overconfident tone and answers

Confident and ambitious candidates are always preferred over others. Maybe, you have quite an amount of experience in the related industry and you know you will get the job. Yet, making it obvious in your tone or way of answering is a big no-no. So, when the manager talks about the responsibilities and things your role might include, never talk in a way that might make the manager feel about your arrogance; something like this- “Yes. I read about all of that in the job posting, and I can’t wait to take over my responsibilities. Tell me something new.”

Were you exaggerating?

Extreme dialogues are expected onscreen and not in an interview. When asked about your biggest weakness, saying- I don’t have a big weakness. Yet, if I have to mention I would say, working hard is. Well, working hard can never be a weakness, if not strength. The person interviewing you would simply find it lame, and understand that your weakness is exaggerating. Think of a logical answer before you go ahead with answering.

While in a conversation with the recruiting manager, you should make sure that there are no knowingly made errors. If any single answer of yours frustrates him/her, you know you’re never going to make it through. Go prepared and be genuine.

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