These Condom Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Condom mistakes

Condom mistakes – Condoms are well, the most well thought of birth control method accepted by the couples. The biggest applicability of condom in the human civilization is that it saves you from being a dorky dad in your early youth and be more productive towards the corporate.

However the government bans the condom ads during the substantial hours of the day, it makes sure to curtail the population by standing guard while you delve deep into your primal urges.

Well, we all tend to do condom mistakes and end up in soup, we forget them when i-pill comes to the rescue but if you avoid these condom mistakes in future, you can give i-pill a run for its money:

Condom mistakes –

1 – You wore it just before the climax:

Thanks to Salam Namastey that taught us that condoms can go wrong too. It can’t always save you from pregnancy but it will always help you dodge past the sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is important to wear them throughout the performance.

2 – You were not leaving any space at the tip of the condom:

That space is meant for the semen to stay and not keeping that space for the semen increases the chances of the condom to break.

3 – You weren’t checking the condom before using it:

It is very important to check the condition of the condom before you wear it.  There can be a previous leakage already which can be very risky.

4 – You weren’t checking the expiry date:

Condoms do expire too so it is always better to check the date before using it. Condoms with lubes tend to expire soon.

5 – You were wearing two condoms:

Let’s burst your bubble, wearing two condoms doesn’t give you double protection. It rather causes a lot of friction which results in breakage of the both. Using one condom is more than enough.

6 – You were wearing the condom even after you were done:

It is pretty essential to remove the condom when you reach orgasm. Letting it stay on makes the ejaculation harden or the sperms mix with the pre-ejaculated fluid which could catalyse impregnation during the next round of foreplay.

7 – You were wearing the condom upside down:

There is a confusion among a lot of people which way to wear the condom. And in this confusion, they tend to wear it all wrong, upside down, that is to say. You better check in the internet how to wear a condom, there is no shame in it.

8 – You weren’t wearing confidoms:

Confidoms are female condoms that provide equal amount of protection against the pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases like the condom. There is however, not much awareness about confidoms.

These are Condom mistakes that we always do – So, the zestful admirers of sex, get your information right and spare us of the population.

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