10 Lakhs Condoms Sold In 69 Days And We Indians Are Sanskaari!

free condom store

Free condom store – By the thought of going and buying condom itself makes us weak in knees.

I mean the nervous walk to chemist, and then slowly whispering flavor and name of brand or just pointing out to condoms kept in shelf. Ugghh we feel so embarrassed don’t we?  In India where social stigma kept condom usage to 5% of the entire contraceptive market.

You wouldn’t believe if we say those same Indians ordered 10 lakh condoms in mere 69 days after opening of free condom store.

Yes the same Indians who trolled Sunny Leone who spread message “Khelo Magar Pyaar sae” for Manforce during Navratri. Recently Bipasha and Karan Grover were also trolled for featuring in a steamy add of Condom.         The same Indians are Ok to buy Condoms well we aren’t against Condom. In fact yes it is good and protects again STD’s and people are becoming aware of safety first. We are just pointing people who claim to be ohh so “sanskaari” also do.

This started when AIIDS healthcare foundation launched free condom store in April. As per the data 10 lakh condoms sold and out of which nearly 5lakhs were requested by NGO’s while others were ordered by Individuals in India where sex is taboo. AIDS health foundation partnered with Hindustan Latex limited is making special condoms which are sold for free.

Expert says the delivery boy doesn’t know what is in package and one who is taking order don’t see person who is placing the order which saves one from all the awkwardness associated when buying or taking from any volunteer.

Despite of these Condoms selling fast we still need to go a long way to eradicate taboo and shame behind the concept of sex in our society. It’s definitely a positive thing that lot of people are understanding the importance of safe sex though under anonymity. Yes in future there is a hope that we speak openly and discuss with kids about safety pros and cons easily like any other topic.

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