It’s Hilarious – Why Women Are Always Having An Orgasm!

It’s Hilarious – Why Women Are Always Having An Orgasm!

Things that give orgasms to women – Let’s get a little naughty (not so naughty) today, in a way let’s talk about women and their orgasmic instincts. Orgasm basically refers to a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic muscles. Women have been special in everything they have stepped into hence; there is not just one way with which orgasm can be related in their case. There is a list of things that feel better than orgasm for women; it’s like a super-orgasmic-moment for them.

Let’s peak into the unbelievable things that give orgasms to women and that too indirectly:

Things that give orgasms to women – 

  1. Sticking your panties out of your butt after long hours: Just imagine you sitting in a meeting, getting up after one hour from your seat and that’s when your panties make a way in your butt-crack. You cannot take it out because of people surrounding you, hence, you reach your house after 3 hours of being in that condition and the first thing you do is pull your panties out of your butt-crack after 4 hours. That my friend, that is orgasm, that is nirvana, that is moksha. You feel that right?

  1. Removing your bra after a long day: Oh my god! Which feeling can give as much pleasure as taking and tossing away your bra after a long day? Can you imagine having to wear a tight bra for an entire day and somehow prohibiting your natural sacks to move? Isn’t it so uncomfortable? Now imagine just letting it off in a blink of an eye! What else do you want in your life?

  1. Not spoiling your panties during your periods: Now this is something really serious, no matter how nicely you sit or take care of your sanitary napkin, your panties are surely going to show signs and remind you that you are sick, you are bleeding from your vagina; you are a mess right now! Not having even a single drop of blood on your panties while you are having your periods is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

  1. Shaving your legs without leaving a single patch of hair: Girls have a problem which naturally occurs to them, no matter how carefully they shave their legs or how magnified their concentration is on removing the leg hair; they always end up leaving a mysterious patch of hair on them. These hairs are not there at first (literally) but then, suddenly erupt after you’re done with your shave. Successfully shaving your legs and without leaving even a single patch of hair definitely makes you worthy of a national award. This is what satisfaction looks like!

  1. Removing your heels after a long day: Heels have the audacity and capability of making you look like a stylish goddess and can also make you look like a newborn calf trying to walk. Heels are not always comfortable and that is a universal fact. Taking them off as soon as you get a chance is the reason of a hormonal rush of orgasm in your body. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

  1. No chipping of nail-polish at least for two days after application: Nail-polish is for nails what soul is to the body and that is literal in meaning. Nail-polish is important but what is more important is keeping it on place in the same form as you applied it at first. People don’t know but a chipped nail-polish is equivalent to heartbreak. Looking at your nail-polish still intact after 2-3 days of its application is brilliantly satisfactory.

These are the things that give orgasms to women – These are some of the situations where women actually attain the realm of nirvana; it’s the maximum level of satisfaction one can ever feel. Orgasm is a small word when it comes to describing these feelings which are damn relatable when we talk about women.