Indian TV Channels Got Smarter This Year! Good Luck To These Gamblers!


Wondering what we are talking about?

Well, it is about these Indian TV channels and production houses which are actually doing something smart for a change and that is such a welcome sign!

There used to be a time when all movies producers and TV producers used to stay away from releasing their films and shows while the cricket world cup was on. The simple reason is that no one wanted to take such a huge risk in this cricket crazy country and burn their money knowing well in advance that for two months of global sporting event, the audience is going to be glued to only matches and nothing else.

Then what happened this time?

For starters, none of the big movies are getting released during the World Cup 2015 and especially after India’s mind-blowing initial two matches, movie studios must be thanking their stars for not taking such a gamble. For TV, it is a different matter altogether.

This time the world cup matches are in the morning and they end well before the prime time kicks in. Hence a proper segregation of male and female viewers happens. The target audience will have access to the remote when the channels want them to have control! Secondly, more than a month is left before the IPL season kicks in and families switch off from daily soaps to domestic high voltage cricket!

Shikkan on Zindagi

Shikkan on Zindagi

That’s why next week is going to be super happening. Zee’s new channel &TV is getting launched on 2nd March with as many as 7 new shows while a new show on Colors, Swaragini makes it entry at 9:30 P.M. Not only that, on 3rd March, channel Zindagi will see the launch of a new show, Shikkan. In a matter of two days, 9 shows will mark their entry in your living rooms, giving you enough choices!

Swaragini on Colors TV

Swaragini on Colors TV

In a way it is good for audience to select the shows they want to see and if few of them do strike a chord with the fans, then channels can at least hope that those shows will be watched even during the IPL so that the revenues will not be affected. It is smart programming and smart entertainment to give the audience enough time to get used to a show and also for the TV producers to tweak their shows as per the audience likings and tastes.

For now, all eyes are set on Monday. Let’s see what’s in store for us. Don’t know if we’ll have any shows that can keep us hooked on despite IPL mania, but then you never know!

Happy Viewing!

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