Which Colour of The Rainbow You Are As Per Your Zodiac?


Rainbow – Some people are boisterously honest, some have infectious smile, some people are born leader while some live for others.

Zodiacal attributes have a huge role to play in shaping up someone’s character.

The world is full of different kinds of people akin to the seven colours of the rainbow. Some over-practical people will rule out the concept of zodiacal attributes at play behind someone’s attitudinal nuances, but it is ubiquitous which doesn’t need approval. To tell you, the different colours of the palette have different tenor and symbolizes different things and we are here aligning them, the colours with your zodiac sign to tell you which colour you are of the rainbow as per your sunsign.

P.S- the descriptions are according to the power of colour, not the systematic pattern of months.

Color of the Rainbow –

1 – Scorpio is Red:

They are passionate and brave which is represented by the colour Red. Red is mysterious and secretive and annoyingly perfect, which defines a Scorpio’s character better. They are shrouded by mystery but they care about things and people a lot. Red will always have stories to tell and a Scorpio too will have. You will not be bored of the colour Red, neither Scorpios.

2 – Sagittarius is Purple:

Purple is symbolic of adventure and Sagittarians are pathologically adventurous. They are in a search of the meaning of life and never stop at that. Purple is a fresh colour and Sagittarians are fresh as dew too. They have a deep philosophical way of thinking and motivated towards enlightenment.

3 – Capricorn is Black:

They are hard-working and will leave no stone unturned to achieve their dreams. In this process, they are not very much smitten by emotions and always calculating. They are in a pursuit to be a better self always and powerful to say the least. Well, what signifies power more than the colour Black? So you have your answer already.

4 – Leo is Yellow:

Leo people are warm and inviting but they are egoists to the bone. They have leadership qualities that will leave you in cold sweat. Yellow represents warmth like no other colour in the zodiac calendar. Yellow radiates positive vibes and enchant people with that so does the Leo do.

4 – Virgo is White:

Virgos are painstalkingly perfectionists and are the most organized sign of them all. They have incredibly high standards when it comes to choosing their partners. They can’t take failure easy and pure at heart. Of course, nothing signifies purity better than white. It is the most soothing and pristine colour out there.

6 – Libra is Blue:

Librans represent balance and they are soothing from the core. Librans are incredible decision makes as they can foresee the outcome of a given situation. You can gain an upperhand on any argument and have an intimidating aura which is best represented by the colour blue.

7 – Pisceans are Pink:

They are deeply compassionate and they can’t be harmful to even a fly in the distant dreams. They are always ready to lend a helping hand to those who need them hence best represented by the colour Pink.

8 – Aries is Orange:

Aries people are fierce and fiery. When needed, they are cocky too. They are sometimes impatient and tend to lose their temper pretty fast. Nothing scares them as such and which colour represents fire more than Orange?

9 – Cancer is Brown:

Cancer people will put up a tough front but they are incredibly soft at the outer side. They are pretty sensitive and always in the fear of being used, hence they shield themselves from the outside world. They crave sensibility and protection. They will go any lengths to protect the ones they love. Your entire personality is hence, best represented by the colour brown.

These are our favourite picks from the rainbow as being the most powerful colours to go with powerful zodiac signs.

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