Here Are The Countries You Should Live In According To Your Zodiac Signs

country best suited for your zodiac

Country best suited for your zodiac – Believe it or not, most of the things that you do are best done as per your zodiac sign.

No, it’s not me who’s saying this but a few experts who believe in the power of zodiac sign. Now, we can’t control everything in life, but what if you could live in a country best suited for your Zodiac?

Won’t that be cool? If you think the idea is great, here are the countries you should live in according to your zodiac signs.

Country best suited for your zodiac – 


You don’t care to sit still, Aries. You’re brave, unconstrained, and loaded with vitality. You should be kept occupied with energizing undertakings — and Down Under is the place for you. Australia is home to the Red Center: A 140-mile trail which makes for 14 straight days of constant action. You’ll stroll upwards of 20 miles in a day, yet I know you’re up for the test. Bear in mind the unending surfing openings.


Taurus is aspiring however cherishes freedom. Prague, in the Czech Republic, may very well be the ideal place for you. The typical cost for basic items there is moderately shabby, and open transportation is a breeze. Despite everything you have bounty to see however, similar to the Lennon Wall and the Castle District.


The indication of the twins implies you never recognize what will get with Gemini. Active, glib, carefree? Contemplative, genuine, mindful? Who knows? Versatility is the key, so set up shop in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Between the amusement and lovely perspectives, you’ll never get exhausted.


Cancer loves to be by the water, and Barcelona, Spain happens to have been voted one of the Top 10 Beach Cities on the planet by the National Geographic. Eight white, sandy shorelines fringe the Mediterranean coastline.


Leo is eager and absurdly sure, with a sunny air that basically emanates. The Maldives — controlled by the Leo sign would be the ideal place to call home.


You’re clever and pragmatic, with a hunger for information and love for a decent book. Venice, Italy could in all likelihood be your ah, it feels good to be back home. It has striking design, a rich history, and happens to be home to popular authors like Marco Polo and Giacomo Casanova.


Libras are the people person of the zodiac. Set out toward the place that Business Insider voted the most social city in the United States.: San Francisco, California!


Try not to disturb a Scorpio — they’re solid, savage, and absolutely energetic. Settling on the East Coast in the city that never rests is the ideal move for you.


Out of the 12 signs, Sagittarius is the greatest voyager. They don’t prefer to remain in one place, so a home base in a city with heaps of fervor is ideal. Think Amsterdam — home of the Red Light District, extraordinary film and a lot of history.


Capricorn is viable, moral, and extremely tuned in to nature. Alberta, Canada is the place you should be. Alberta is the place you’ll discover Banff National Park — 2,500 square miles of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


Aquarius is helpful on a basic level. Ghana is generally thought to be one of the friendliest and most open of the African nations; tragically, however, a large portion of its groups live in neediness, and need instruction and wellbeing assets.


Music moves your spirit. US News named France #5 in the Top 10 Most Musical Countries — the normal individual tunes in to more than two hours of music every day! Woah! Seems like a catch, huh?

So, if you can, pack your bags and move away!

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