The Seven Colours Of Narendra Modi

People who choose to see Modi in shades of grey, should take note of his vibrancy, not only changing through his kurtas but also in his nature.

It’s a colourful world and we all live under the various shades – perceived or real. Different people see different things even when they have only one object in sight. It is all because of the colour of the object.

Something similar happens in the case of our Prime Minister-Designate Narendra Modi .

Now, let us be clear, we are not talking about the colour of his kurtas which have become a part of discussions now a day, but the vibrancy of his nature. There are many shades to the mass leader. But different people have different perceptions about him. Some people see him as ‘fundamentalist’ saffron, some as white and some as black. Besides, there are some who want to see him in ‘secular’ green.

But no one knows what his real colour is.

In the aftermath of his victory, Modi has given us glimpses of his life and true self in a few days time. These hues are so strong that not only they dispel many myths; they are also quite capable of infusing admiration and inspiration among many.

Here are seven colours of Narendra Modi that we now see:


It is the colour of energy and passion. Modi displayed this colour quite efficiently while he was campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections. Apparently, between 15 September (when he kick-started his campaign) and 10 May, he addressed 5827 rallies and events, covered 3 lakh kilometers in distance, and visited 25 states in the country. There were times when he had to attend three- four rallies a day all in different constituencies and then give interview to media person as well. 

2. Orange:  

This colour representsadventure and tells about social communication skills of a person. Now, after Atal Bihari Vajpayee, have we seen a better orator than Modi in politics? We may have but (s)he might not have such big popular base. Even in West Bengal, where Didi’s sabhas are the only one to see massive sea of people, Modi’s rally venue saw people sitting on walls, trees and even roads outside the venue just to hear his voice.

3. Yellow:

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting, offering hope and happiness. Modi, even before his apointment as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, had become a symbol of hope in the country where everybody was eager to bring him to the centre. His massive win in the elections is a manifestation of that hope. But this hope is not only what people see in Modi. This hope is also a part of Modi which steers him in the direction of betterment everyday. 

4. Green: 

Green is the colour of balance, harmony, and rebirth. Now, have we seen a better balanced person than Modi? When Gandhi Maidan of Patna was witnessing serial blasts amidst his speech, he was quite calm and assuring people that he was there with them. He remained there even after the end of his speech urging people to go home safely first. 

Another example of this would be his invitation to the head of the SAARC nations for his swearing-in ceremony. This could prove very fruitful in the future course of foreign affairs action, especially regarding maintenance of peace.

5. Blue:

The colour blue represents trust, responsibility and idealism. Over the period of time, Modi has showed his trustworthiness and has executed his responsibilities quite efficiently. It is the sense of responsibility in him that led Gujarat to be number one state in terms of development and progress. It is his sense of responsibility which asked people to make him the ‘chowkidar’ of the country and serve his nation. The idealism is a hue which we have seen regularly in him. His devotion towards the nation, his admiration towards teachings of Swami Vivekananda, statesmanship of Sardar Patel and constant quest of Pundit Deendayal Upadhyay shows it very well.

6. Violet:

It is the colour of imagination. Modi has a strong imagination. It was his imagination which led to the development of Gujarat even after the devastating earthquake of 2001. It was his imagination which led to the emergence of Gujarat in the world economy. And it is his imagination which sees India as a world leader. He has been able to connect his imagination to the minds of people and that’s what led to his victory. 

7. Pink: 

One may think of Pink as a girly colour but actually it is the colour of emotions and sensitivity. Although Modi was known as a person who was quite tough and locked his emotions out of his professional space, his recent surge saw the emotional side of his personality too. It was evident when he broke down in the middle of his speech overwhelmed by the massive support in elections, it was in front of us whenever he met his old mother, and it gained more of our respect when he took Keshubhai Patel from his arm and made him sit on the stage than in the visitors gallery during the oath ceremony of new Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel.

People who choose to see Modi in shades of grey, should take note of his vibrancy, not only changing through his kurtas but also in his nature.

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