How To Deal With A Mean Teacher In College

mean teacher

Mean teacher – Though teachers are meant to make you a better person, they themselves end up being mean at times.

No, not everyone but few are just so mean without any reason. Well, it could be anything from family frustration to just casual nature of that teacher, but for students, dealing with a cruel and mean teacher has become common these days.

Some students end up saying nothing and some really want to take some serious actions.

So, those who want to do something, here’s how to deal with a mean teacher in college.

  1. Stop taking his threats

Don’t show him that what he says to you is in any way threatening you because you’re doing nothing wrong. Always look eye to eye with that teacher and make him believe that you won’t get scared of him at any cost. The day he believes that you are not intimidated, he will give up on his vague efforts.

  1. Always keep a copy of your assignments

Some teachers who hate few students end up giving them bad grades in assignments but you should be prepared for that. Keep a copy with you and let that teacher know in a way that you always keep a copy so that you can take references from other teachers too in future after receiving the grades. I bet he will be fair to you.

  1. Keep a friendly teacher informed about the scenario

Instead of going to the dean in advance or taking some action, inform a good teacher that you are being mistreated biasedly by a teacher. Make sure that the teacher you tell this too is good enough to keep secrets and will help you out when needed.

  1. Always be attentive in his class

Such teachers find excuses to punish their students and make their life miserable, so, it’s better for you to stay on the safer side. By playing safe and staying attentive in his class, you will be making sure that he is not getting any excuse to make you suffer.

  1. Never disrespect him

As I said earlier, you don’t have to give him any reason to dislike you or hate you even more. So, no matter how badly he is talking and how rude he is, always give him a nice and decent reply. When things go out of hands, try to gather evidence against him and then complaint to the authorities. Remember, taking matter in your hands without proof might create problem for you only.

We all have to deal with a mean teacher at one point of time but take it as a learning experience because the list of mean people will not end for your whole life.

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