6 Iconic Hostel Foods That Will Make You So Nostalgic

Hostel foods – The mention of hostel life brings us the multitude of memories.

If you too have studied in a residential college and passed a significant part of your life fighting over food, keeping up until late and gossiping only to feel achingly hungry at the crack of dawn and making showing some serious creative chops with Maggi.

Hostel life is the life that happens when we are hurrying headlong in the chase of life haunted by the fear to be succumbed in mediocrity.

And food, my dear is the key remembrance of our hostel lives. You too will agree with us if you well introspect.

From the watery daal to the half cooked Chapattis, Indian hostelers have been put through such horrifying experiences which taught them to be their own mainstay.

However here are some hostel foods that will make you truly nostalgic:

Hostel Foods –

1. Jhal-Muri:

Ahh! Those lazy evenings spent whilst munching on this awesome hot and spicy snack made with puffed rice and Chanachur. This was the most easily accessible snack for the hostelers and made within the drop of a hat.

2. Rolled-Chapattis:

You made your own rolled chapattis with the filling of your choice. So, apparently, the shitty hostel chapattis were not as useless. The noght-owls would save the chapattis for night and lace them with tangy ketchup, spicy chips, mayonnaise, jam et al to quench the 3.00 am hunger.

3. Cutting chai:

You grow your devotion towards chai in the college life itself while it is the only thing to go with eggs and bread at the nearby stall. Chai biscuit also satiated your hunger pangs between period breaks when you had classes in succession.


4. Maggi:

It was the staple for the hostelers. True messiah for the ones who were in always hurry. We always had Maggi handy and amost broke in cold sweat on finding there is no Maggi in stock. The myriad experiments with Maggi also later helped to excel as decent cooks in the later life.

5. Scrambled eggs:

We sneaked into the kitchen and broke the rule of not cooking in the hostel. Driven by necessity and relentless hunger, we resorted to this quick meal when mess food got on our nerves, literally. There was variety of dishes that could be tried with eggs, like incorporating fried eggs with Maggi to make it heavier.

6. Dry fruits:

Symbolic of her love, mommy packed dry fruits aplenty when we came back from home. Also, there were cakes and cookies, other home-made foods that were meant to be shared and eating alone was criminal.

These are iconic Hostel Foods – I want to do a time travel in my hostel days now, do you want too?

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