10 Struggles Of Being Friends With A Narcissist


Having a narcissist person as friend can be a pain in the neck, figuratively, but definitely as annoying as you do not want it to be.

You might often find yourself wondering if that person is your friend or your frenemy.

Obviously, you would not know the person to be a narcissist in the initial days. Gradually, when you learn about the same, you will find that your ‘friendship’ with them hanging by a thread.

These are the struggles you will face when you are “friends” with a person with narcissistic personality –

The first thing that you will learn is that you cannot be friends with a narcissist. However, it will be too late by then.


You will find your mate always craving attention. When they do not get the desired attention, they will mostly spend their days being upset. Good luck trying to cheer them up.


You cannot introduce them as friend to your personal social circle or your family. You do not want your judgement on choosing friends being questioned.


You will give them sympathy whenever they need. Nevertheless, they will not reciprocate similarly when you direly need attention for your loss.


You may not be a parent, but having a narcissist personality around you would definitely make you feel like one.


You would get sick of answering questions like ‘how do I look’, ‘do I kook fat’ and ‘does my hair do justice to my personality’.


Be prepared to take insults. A pissed off narcissist can be worse than any other annoyed person you may have met till date.


The constant fear of being yelled at or insulted in public will grip you.


If you have an important task or two to take care of, you will find yourself working on it alone. Unless there is some material gain for your friend, they will not help in any way.


Criticising this person could be one of your mistakes. Narcissists are infamous for not being able to accept criticism positively.


Do yourself a favour and run as far away as possible from that person.

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