World Hijab Day 2015 : Understanding The Chaos Behind The Religious Garment

World Hijab Day 2015

World Hijab Day 2015.

All women in hijab cannot be subjected to prejudice and amongst all the controversies marked in the history; February 1 is celebrated as the World Hijab Day all across the globe in recognition of all the Muslim women.

The Hijab for women has been always a controversial topic among the people, one who are against it and the one who support the idea. Hijab being one of the sensitive issues, there have been all kinds of opinions coming out from all types of people.

So, the World Hijab Day was first celebrated in 2013 by Nazma Khan. The main objective behind this was to support the religious and traditional aspect of hijab by different people and at the same time to make the non-hijabi women also experience it once. It is observed in almost 116 countries all over the world.

Just like the recent case of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, Hijab also became a topic of heated discussion among the people and it resulted in the ban of the Hijab in France in 2009, as according to them it reflected the traditional and stringent religious practices. On the contrary, it has been made a compulsory practise in the Middle-East Asia. Many countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. have made the hijab compulsory for women. Although in many countries it might be accepted but still they do not support it.

World Hijab Day 2015

World Hijab Day 2015

Post 9/11 there has been a major debate on a woman wearing a hijab. Many people were actually being teased and abused on the basis of the Muslim religion. The biggest problem with a woman wearing the hijab is that she is immediately type casted as an orthodox Muslim woman and the topic just ends right there. There is a sudden block in our minds regarding them. They also are being judged as less skilled and dependent. However a hijab cannot be the deciding factor of a woman’s abilities.

World Hijab Day 2015

World Hijab Day 2015

When we talk about different countries, in Morocco there is a certain prejudice seen with the women in hijab and at the same time in Afghanistan during the Taliban reign, a women being behind the veil was a compulsion and very cruel steps were taken to punish the lady who did not abide by the rule.

It is high time that we realize that a piece of cloth which some people consider as a religious pride or an obligation and on the other hand some find it as an orthodox and an imposing factor should be actually depending on people’s choice. While it cannot be even imposed on small children, it can be highly respected as a choice of someone’s life.

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