Should We #BoycottBajrangiBhaijaan?

If Salman wears a bracelet, so does India.

If Salman puts goggles behind his shirt, so does India and if he shakes his belt so does India.

He is the role model, he is the Superstar and this is how he wants to inspire people by hiding the truth?

As per the recent progress in the infamous Salman Khan hit-and-run case, his driver Ashok Singh has suddenly appeared after 12 years. This is like those TV serials where they have such big time leaps and reincarnations. It is said that the driver has experienced an epiphany under the influence of Salim Khan.

Now this is a little tough to digest even for Salman’s fans, who watch his movies and help him earn more than 100 crores.

The driver has also denied receiving any money for giving the statement that he was driving the car.

Now our request to Salman Khan is that as much as we love him and his Dabangg style, we also love justice but a little more. We are not accusing him of the crime and neither do we want to go against or beyond the law. But we would just like to raise some questions. Why the delay? What’s the truth?

A major Cola company’s tagline says ‘Aaj kuch toofani karte hai’. But what about the Toofani incident that happened 12 years back?

Now the driver says that after the accident he and Salman Khan even tried lifting the 3 ton SUV with their bare hands. How thoughtful? Couldn’t they have called an ambulance?

The prosecution has pointed out that it was a modern luxury vehicle so there is no chance of the tyre bursting. (Whereas the driver claims that the accident was caused due to a tyre burst)

And why did Salman Khan leave the spot after waiting for 15 long minutes if he was so innocent? Couldn’t he wait for the police & ambulance to arrive?

Oh! We forgot they didn’t call the ambulance in the first place.

It seems that the scriptwriters of Dabangg and Ready have written this story that the car door on the left side was jammed so he (Salman) had to get down from the right side. (Whereas the same does not match the statement given by the deceased police constable.)

A lot of facts and evidences have been changed over the years.

Why did the bakery owner change his statement to “Don’t know from which side of the car Salman came out?”

Why did the bartender deny of giving Salman alcohol when he had earlier said that he did?

Is that because of all these things Salman Khan on his famous reality TV show says “Do whatever you want to do man..!”??

Just like every other Salman Khan fan even we are excited and eagerly waiting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan but we request each and every one of you to think that should we #BoycottBajrangiBhaijaan until the truth is out.

Because 12 years are enough to ask for justice!!


Disclaimer : The writer does not hold anything against Salman Khan or the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan in person. This article is written in public interest and to raise public opinions. It is not meant to hurt the sentiments of a person or a group and is also not subjected towards any kind of defamation or public violence.

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