5 Veggie Foods For Which You Will Dumb The Non-Veggies.

Veggie Foods

Veggie Foods – Do you often feel like that eating meats, fish, chicken are becoming monotonous or feel like having something different that will make a change in your food?

You will be bound to dumb the Non-veggie dishes once you have given yourself the treat of the following veggie foods.

Though it is good to taste the way of preparation is really a hard work one cannot deny once they learn the process of cooking the food item.

Veggie Foods –

1 – Mochar Ghonto

Bengalis delicious food item is known as “Mochar Ghonto”. This food can make you ditch all the Non-veg food if tasted once. Still in holidays or weekends when the family is at home, Bengali’s keep this item for their lunch so that they can relish the Mochar Ghonto.

Mocha is part of a banana tree, flowers, found in the market from which the recipe is prepared oily, spicy and tasty with a plate full of rice or chapattis, but rice is more preferable. Rich in flavor and fineness in smell pulls you to the table at once.

As much as delicious to eat but not easy to prepare, it is better at least you should have a one or two days of training in preparing this item. The secret lies in the chopping of the mocha or banana flowers and finally the proper cooking of this iron-rich dish. You will find yourself lucky if you stay around one of the banana plantations that can inspire you to cook this item or at least at once.

Veggie Foods

2 – Mochar chop

So, it often happens that you want to have snacks such as chicken cutlets, egg chops or any sort of crispy fish items with your evening cups of tea, but if you have ever tried to add Mochar chop no doubt it is a vegetable item but one of the unique and finger licking recipe, crispy outside soften inside filled with “Mocha”.

The ingredients added in the recipe adds aroma, taste that you will give up Non-Veggie snacks for the yummy or too yummy Mochar chop.

Whatever may be the occasion? If it is puja or simple evening snacks the preparation of the chop through the banana flowers is a unique preparation. So, if you think that you are simply going to chop the flowers and make it easier, but it requires particular steps before chopping so that the snacks in fine, tasty and crispy. Tasty but requires a bit of hard work to make a perfect preparation from the banana flowers.

Veggie Foods

3 – Echorer Dalna

No doubt everyone does know about jackfruits, mostly all of us like to have raw fruits while jackfruit is one of them. But one more unique preparation with a classic composition of ingredients that gives an exceptional flavor but somehow I don’t find chicken or mutton curry can be compared with such a tasty recipe.

A plate full of steamed rice and Echorer Dalna, nothing else required. This is a traditional Bengali recipe while Bengali’s take a break from Non-Veggies and try to give themselves a treat with the heavenly savor to yourself and your foodie soul.

I bet nothing can be compared with this dish that can beat Non-veggies recipes. Summer fruit “Jackfruit” the recipe prepared with unripe jackfruit cannot be compared with any other recipe.

Last but not least, actually the important part of recipe as I have taken the risk to bet for ignoring veggies because the ingredients and way of cooking is similar to the mutton curry, but you need to be skilled enough in chopping or cutting the jackfruits into pieces, if you are able to are able to overcome with the technique of cutting the unripened jackfruit then you can win on the recipe.

Or else an invitation for Echorer Dalna in lunch or dinner can also be the best deal.

Veggie Foods

4 – Thorer Ghonto

One more recipe can easily challenge the Non-veggie food is “Thorer Ghonto”. Excellent preparation of pieces of potatoes combined with the stem of a banana tree. Delicious with a distinctive flavor that no other vegetable curry or recipe can provide such relishing dish.

Once again a good dish to accompany with steamed rice. A dish which is nutritious good to your tongue and mouth never to forget the taste of this dish “Thorer Ghonto”.

The best part of “Thor” is the cutting of the stem in pieces are a real challenge unless you know the proper way of chopping the stem it will cause difficulty in boiling of the dish. Let me tell you! Observation and learning are required from the experts if it is your Mom that will make a difference with mouthful taste.

Good things are hard to find and so the banana stems it is rare to find and also very rare you can prepare this dish or your lunch or dinner. You are definitely going to dumb the Non-veggie food if Thor is added to the menu.

Veggie Foods

5 – Soya Chaap

Soya sticks are also nutritious and there are various ways to prepare dishes from soya beans. One of the rarest and tastier items is the soya chaap. So take a break from red meat or chicken while you enjoy the crispy soya chaap rich in protein.

A North Indian dish stuffed inside with the soya beans mixed with spicy ingredients that gives a crispy outside and soften stuffed inner layers.

Veggie Foods

Enjoy it in your evening snacks or parties! In no other ways, you will like to have fish cutlets or chicken cutlets if you have these soya chaap pieces placed around your dining table.

Veggie Foods – So, if you think nothing can be better than the Non veggies, these above dishes can easily prove you that Veggie foods dishes are no longer preceding but you should know the items in order to eat and the best part is you will not be able to find it everywhere and in few cases you might have to learn the method of cooking to cherish the dish with love and fun.

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