These Are The Scientifically Proven Ways To Become More Attractive


Attractive – The world will continue to revolve on its axis and the human urge to become more visually attractive will grow manifolds too.

Our chase for looking good might have hit the superficial level but ideally we should because the corporate thrives around everything presentable. In the US work culture, you will barely notice a pot-bellied professional because they are very much stringent about how you appear to the clients. Everyone has some qualities beyond what naked eyes can perceive but one needs to bring that to the fore to accentuate his personality.

Until now, there have been grooming experts who suggested ways to appear and behave in more attractive ways but here are some scientifically proven ways to do the same.

You need to have a sense of humor:

A killer sense of humor always does the trick for you and it has the major draw with the opposite sex too. Your wisecracks prove that you are a smart person who knows where to stop. There is nothing sexier than intellectual humor and the ones with great sense of humor knows the sense of proportion for sure. Because as per the science, laugher is the best cure for all the illness, if you can make people laugh, you will definitely become more desirable to them.

You should learn to lead:

It’s not the same lead which was found in Maggi, ah just kidding! those with leadership qualities always become the center of attraction effortlessly. You need to be the one who takes initiatives and motivates people so that they can follow you. A leader’s responsibility is to bring up people as he himself learns a lot from that journey.

You should be in good company:

Spending time with a good set of people optimizes your brain power. For professional reasons we have to meet and greet all sorts of people but in your close circuit, keep those who truly inspire you or you learn something from them atleast. No matter if you have to trim some significant friends fat, never mind that, only a better person will become of you that way.

Don’t indulge in forced conversations:

They are yawn-inducing and if you are smart, you probably don’t need that advice as you already steer clear of boring people. A conversationalist will always pick up a dead conversation with his wit and knowledge and on the other hand, a dud will only ramble shit and make you frustrated so choose your pick wisely.

Smile a lot:

Smiling a lot will leave your enemies utterly confused. This is the best ornament one can wear and this never goes wrong with the opposite sex. The person whose smile stirs the soul, need not have a beautiful face because people already can sneak into his beautiful heart through his smile.

Walk your dog:

Walking your dog will be the most rejuvenating thing that will help you learn how to love. This will enhance your personality in more ways than one.

To be more Attractive – You have to maintain these habits, which are scientifically proven too, in order to appear more presentable.


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