8 Extinct Animals of The World That Were Breathtakingly Beautiful

Beautiful animals

Beautiful animals – There is a choking sublimity in the wildlife.

The enigma lingers in our minds for long after we are back to the civilisation after touring into the wild, rightfully so, because they are devoid of pretense and happy in their own domicile, doing the simple things that it takes to survive. They are also audacious if required in their own defiant way which gives us the thrills. However, due to some reasons, natural or man-made, most of the beautiful animals – beautiful wildlife and deep-sea creatures are at the threshold of extinction and here are some examples of them:

Beautiful animals –

1. Blue Whale:

The largest known species in the World measures around 30 kilometres when matured. This weighs up to 200 tons. Long ago, Antarctic region boasted of thousands of Blue Whales but there has been a massive nosedive in the count suddenly. Blue Whales are found in small groups in all oceans except arctic that are not blue, but a have a blue-grey body which white in the below.

2.Black Footed Ferret:

This is touted as an endangered species in North America which has fallen prey to hunting for years. However, captive breeding programs have alleviated the extinction to some extent now. Their main draw is the long slender body which measures up to 24 inches. These creatures spend most of their times in burrows.

3. Green Sea Turtle:

They have a greenish skin hence named so. They reside in the tropical and sub-tropical waters around the world whose population is on the verge of extinction too. The main reasons for their extinction are hunting, harvesting of eggs and loss of nesting sites. They are 3-4 feet in length and 190kg of weigh. The large shell covers most of their body which have three colours, brown, black and grey consecutively.

4. Galapagos Penguin:

This kind has the smallest population as compared to other penguins in the world. They are found in Galapagos island hence named the same. The main causes of their extinction is weather change and hunting. The Galapaos Penguins have 50 cm of length with black upper parts and white lower parts. These penguins are found on cool waters of Galapagos during daytime.

5. Iberian Lynx:

Only 400 of them are left in the whole world. This beautiful species stay in woodlands of Southern parts of Spain whose extinction is being caused by illegal hunting and loss of habitat. They have spotted coat and muscular body which is a feast to the eyes. The coat has tawny colour and they measure up to 700-100 cms, weighing around 12 kgs.

6. Lemur:

In the island of Madagascar, this unique mammal species is found where nearly 101 different types live. Overhunting and destruction of habitat are slowly pushing them towards extinction. At least 90 percent of them are at the risk zone.

7. Polar Bear:

They are found in Arctic region measuring about 8-9 feet and weighing about 800 kgs. They have a hefty amount of bodyfat with a protective coat that saves them from the extreme cold in the polar region. These gigantic bears spend most of their time in ice-sheets of arctic region and are now currently threatened by climate change which is melting the ice-sheets.

8. Red Panda:

These creatures live in the high altitude of Himalyan region and beautiful to say the least. Their long bushy tail, reddish brown coat leave us enamoured completely. Loss of natural habitat and fragmentation are primary causes behind their extinction now. The Red Pandas weigh 4-6.2 kg and their long coat is meant for fighting the killer cold. They are nocturnal per se but spend most of their daytime sleeping on the branches.

These are the Beautiful animals of the world – If there is anything could be done to save these species from extinction, one should act now.


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