A Journey Towards Real Indian Traditional Village Life

Indian traditional village

Looking deep into the real Indian traditional village life phases, there hides the blend of the beauty of nature, struggles of poverty, and above all the existence of humanity. It may be hundreds of miles from a hut or house; from one village to another people still know each other’s identity. The existence of ethnicity among people is the sign of their presence for not only a few decades but years after years. Mostly depending on farming and growing crops as their profession the villages are the base of tradition and the core of India.

Each part of the country has been divided to have different tribes but their occupation is farming. Few Santhals and ethnic groups are dependent on cutting woods and hunting. It is one of the ways of living their life in villages.

Indian traditional village 1

Geographical diversity Indian traditional Village Life

Tea tribes have been the indigenous tribal people who know to earn only through the plantation and plucking of tea leaves. Earning on daily wages and living life with the minimum requirements. The mud and cane made houses that need repairing after every monsoon. Poverty is at their doorsteps, but due to the government funding for the backward and tribals, they have pucca houses.

The serenity of the tea tribal areas along with the friendly behavior and open-heartedness in remote areas of Assam points to the tradition of India. Far from the dust and polluted air, the areas are filled with greenery. Despite the absence of essential amenities, margins of poverty life among them. Life may not be worry-free and breathtaking.

The northern and southern parts of the country have widened fields of greeneries and paddy areas. Dusty roads and arrays of trees on both sides of the roads engulf the pollutions. The culture of open-heartedness does not seem less similar to the other ethnic and tribal people.

Several years of their presence is itself a mark of Indian traditional village life. It starts from the cleaning of their courtyards in the early morning immediately after the sunrise. Milking of the cows for milk at home for kids and several cups of tea. Forwarding to the fields and mountains the cowboys move to with herds are still the traditional village life.

Several cups of tea are not only for the family members but also for those uninvited guests at home for early morning visits. Men are ready to move towards their workplaces, it can be to their fields for yielding crops or the farm places.

Poverty hits traditional culture and livelihood

Though everything seems green and soothing, a closeness to the culture and community. But the simplicity and kindness of the traditional village life are hit by poverty. Several youths are moving out to the cities for better livelihood and earnings. The ethnic culture is untouched by the rudeness and selfishness similar to the urban areas.

But it is difficult to maintain the substratum with the meagerness in requirements. The serenity of the floating boats and the running river with the streaming sounds is a feel like heaven.



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