Lucknow “Nawabon Ka Sheher” With Stunning Historical Vibrance

Lucknow is known as the “Nawabon ka Sheher” which is popular for carrying the ancient traditions and cultures of India. The heritage places with the blend of stunning architectural works show the craftsmanship of Indian art and culture. Each site has its individual stretches of artwork that focuses on the details. Altogether mentions the times during the time of the Nawabs.

After the arrival of the thirds Nawab, Lucknow has become famous not only in India but all over the world. The heritage that creates colourful historical vibrance are as follows:

nawabon ka sheher

Bada Imambara In “Nawabon Ka sheher”

Bada Imambara’s “Bhulbhulaiya” is the world’s biggest attraction. The interconnection underneath the floors with several tunnels ends to the doors. But the most astonishing part is the tunnels steps into the rooftops. The design and conception of the magnificent “Bhul bhulaiya” were built by the fourth Nawabs of Lucknow.

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Rumi Darwaza

The embracing views of the busy streets and the people are visible from the roof of Rumi Darwaza. The Gateway of Lucknow is located with shows the traces and carves of Awadhi architecture. Tall as a six storied building the artwork is that was built in the 13th century. Ceilings, multiple doors show the fine traces of Awadhi artwork and designs.

The British Residency

Once again the construction of the British residency started during the time of Nawab Asaf Ud Daulah and finally completed under the rule of Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. It was the residence of the British Resident General. He was a member of the fourth Nawab court. The place was damaged in the battle of the Soldier rebellion 1857 which have turned into ruins.

Umbrella Palace

Umbrella Palace is an amazing creation at the bank of the Gomati River. This is different from the architecture of Awadhi architecture. It was constructed on the inspiration of the British Empire and so it has a blend of Indian and Euro architecture. It is called the Chattar Manzil due to the umbrella shaped domes developed on the roof of the palaces. The palace has been for the Nawabs and their wives for years in Nawabon Ka Sheher.

Constantia, La Martiniere Boy’s College

The La Martiniere Boy’s College is another masterpiece of Lucknow. It was founded in 1845 which is still present winning the award of the Royal Battle Honors. There are two heritage educational places one is the boy’s college and the other is the girl’s college. The Constantia house a part of French architecture which is exceptional among the heritages of Lucknow.

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Safed Baradari

The embellished white marble palace located in the heart of Lucknow. The two marble statues of Maharajas are of Man Singh and Digvijay Singh of Balrampur. The Man Singh Statue was developed by the Farmer and Brindley of London.

The heritage icons of the Nawabon ka Sheher have kept the essence of Lucknow popular worldwide. The complete gestures of architecture and tradition’s definition are of different kinds of rulers who invaded and established themselves. These monuments remind about the various artworks and craftsman that describes the ethic of India.

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