What not to do at the movies

We tell you what not to do at the movies. Read on and follow this!

If you’re planning to watch Friday releases at the cinemas, we urge you to not indulge in these the following things. It’s annoying, over-the-top and puts people off. Read on:


Talking on the phone:
It’s cool to have a sexy smartphone that you’re obsessed with. But please don’t keep yapping away on it while you’re watching a movie. It really annoys the hell out of people.

Keeping your feet up on the seat:
Even if the theater is empty, it’s not decent to keep your feet up on the seat opposite and create issues.

Hooting and cheap antics:
You’re not watching a movie with your chuddy buddies, so don’t hoot and indulge in cheap behavior that can make the usher throw you out of the cinema hall.


Rub-a-dub in the dark:
We know that most of us go to theaters to…erm…get lucky, but you don’t want to be caught with your tongue in someone’s mouth when the light suddenly comes on! Do you want that?

Littering your seat:
Please be mindful of those coming to watch the movie with you. So, don’t throw your burger wrappers and cola straws around your seat. It just shows what a rat you are!

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