Want To Pep Up Your Popularity? Scientific Advises Can Help!


What a quote to start with from our beloved Walt Disney, “when people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human, and that is the secret of his popularity.”.

According to psychologists’ people tend to like people who are familiar to them; this is termed as ‘mere exposure effect’ as per the psychologists. Because of our evolutionary past wetend to approach people and animals who are non-threatening.

This is possible only when we relate ourselves with them. One of the basic reason for popularity is association.


There is a silver line difference between being famous and being popular. Famous people are well-known by others, but it is not necessary that they will be loved by everyone as a human being. The popular people are those who are well-liked and loved by people in their own small world. Being famous and popular at the same time is the ultimate achievement in one’s lifetime. Einstein once said, “try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”


So, I guess you are also one of my kind who wants to be popular, rather than being famous, isn’t? Here I have made a list of few scientific advises, which can help you to pep up your popularity in the little world around you. Before I start, make sure you have enough will power to count your blessings and not your troubles and half of the battle is won. The list is here:

  • Start developing an attitude of gratitude, it reflects humility. This is the only quality that helps a person to remain grounded. People around you whether a child or a senior-citizen, everyone will find it easier to approach. As per the researches and survey, it is proved that people prefer to approach a humble person rather than a person full of pride and arrogance.
  • Learn to stay upbeat despite all stresses and negativity hanging around you. This is best practiced, when you start counting your blessings rather than troubles as mentioned earlier. After all you are also a human being, and you need positive boosters. Psychology says mood is very contagious so, when you stay positive and optimisticpeople around you will be motivated to be upbeat too.
  • When you are an optimist, then you are bound to talk positive about people rather than gossiping and character assassinating. Prof. Richard Wiseman in his book ‘59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot’has said that when people say positive and pleasant things about friends and colleagues they are seen as a nice person. It is human psychology to unconsciously associate the speaker with the characteristics they are using to describe some other person.


  • Be a patient and pleasant personality. When you do things with patience and faith and keep doing the right thing, it creates a sense of confidence, decisiveness and a rational outlook. This rationality will eventually lead to success, which will motivate people around you and add the brownie points to your popularity.
  • Anger is the gravest weakness, which mars your personality and have a negative impact on your popularity. Butwhen, it turns out to be your strength then it helps you to execute your resolution against something wrong and people start trusting you more and more for your honesty and righteousnesswho, never compromises with their ideals.
  • Start believing you are breathing in a place where love is in air. As per the ‘reciprocity of liking’ phenomenon, when we act liking someone, then it is human tendency to reciprocate. When we expect people to accept us we behave more affectionately towards them and this bolsters our popularity.


These were few scientific advices backed by human psychology which can make you the apple of the eye amongst the people around you. Build a positive attitude to survive like a good human being, this will help you pep up your popularity amongst the tired souls, who have turned out to be machines of flesh and blood.

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