Five Similarities Between Bigg Boss And Narendra Modi!

Similarities between Bigg Boss and Narendra Modi! – This story is about similarities between Bigg Boss and Narendra Modi. Both teach us a few life lessons which can help us in improving our lives.

Don’t look so shocked!

We know Bigg Boss is a TV game show and Mr. Narendra Modi is our country’s Prime Minister, but then if you study both of them, you will find striking similarities.

That’s the reason why both are super-duper hits in their own fields! Read on to find how both of them have built solid loyal followers for themselves not only in the country, but across the world.

Compatibility with strangers

In Bigg Boss, total strangers are locked inside a house for months together and are expected to live with each other with or without complaints! It surely isn’t easy to live and work with people whom you don’t know at all or hardly know while staying inside for a common goal: winning the competition! Mr. Modi has been doing the same being in politics.

Now that he has become Prime Minister or when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has to get along with various government employees whom he doesn’t know at all, he has to deal with people from different political parties, from his own party opposing his views and make sure that work gets done, no matter what!

That’s an art, isn’t it?

Working hard leaving all the comforts!

There is no substitute for hard work! Inside the Bigg Boss, these celeb contestants are made to do chores which they might have never done in their lives, whether it is cooking, cleaning or washing. All these people are deprived of basic luxuries they are used to outside the house to be successful as a winner in the house.

Similarly, Mr. Modi has shown the world how he has been working hard non-stop for past so many decades! He donates his entire salary to charity and even at his age works 17-18 hours everyday.

All that for the cause of his political party and nation! Inspiring!

Be selfless and not selfish!

Mr. Modi led a politicalsanyaasi’s life to reach where he has. He thinks about nation’s welfare over his own selfish needs. A similar example was set up yesterday, even though on a small scale, by Gautam Gulati in yesterday’s episode when he thought of the needs of the house and people over materialistic needs like pizza or make up, unlike Karishma Tanna!

No, we are not comparing Gautam with our PM, but just an example of selflessness and having a vision bigger than ordinary things of life!

Play politics, yet be cordial!

The ones who hit below the belt or get too dirty are anyways kicked out of the house, just like arrogant politicians are thrown out of power by voters!

Walk on your path as Achhe Din Zaroor Aayenge

No matter what the naysayers said or did, didn’t matter what the political opponents or media did to tarnish Mr. Modi’s image, he kept walking on his own conviction and faith resulting in his ultimate victory! In yesterday’s episode, Gautam’s stand was vindicated as well! A guy who has been walking alone for past so many weeks, who was so lonely inside the house full of people, suddenly becomes the centre of attraction and gains respect from his staunchest of opponents! That’s called real victory, isn’t it? Gautam’s Achhe Din are here, hope the nation’s Achhe Din arrive soon!

Even though Bigg Boss might sound like just another game show, in reality, it does teach us something valuable, if not always, may be sometimes! Let’s learn when we can!

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