How to deal with a friend who shuts you out

Either you are the reason or your friend is going through a rough phase…

Did something go wrong?
How much ever we refuse to acknowledge, but deep within we always know if there’s an underlying current of tension in the friendship and if you are the reason. Your friend may have been upset with you for a while because of something you said or did. Not everyone shouts when he/she is upset or angry. There are people who would calmly tell you if you did something wrong and if you don’t pay much heed to their complaints and keep on repeating your mistakes, they may just shut give up on you and shut you out completely. While you may be aware of your faults at times, you may be clueless if you did anything wrong. And there are just two reasons behind it, either you genuinely don’t know or you lack the ability to self-reflect. If you really believe that there are no issues with you, then something is wrong with your friend or he/she is going through a rough phase.


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