How to deal with a friend who shuts you out

Either you are the reason or your friend is going through a rough phase…

It happens all of a sudden that your friend just stops talking to you and you spend most of your time in thinking what could have possibly gone wrong. At times you may be able to find a possible reason but can’t be sure if that’s what is making your friend avoid you and at others, you just don’t know what happened. You can see your friend going through something and really want to help but he or she has just shut you out. There could be many reasons behind this kind of behaviour, either you did or said something which didn’t go down well with your friend, or it has got nothing to do with you at all. When you find yourself in such a fix, be patient and roll over these pertinent points which may help you deal with it.

Try to communicate
If your friend has stopped texting, or communicating on Twitter or Facebook or WhatsApp, it could also be because he/she is done with a certain mode of communication. People can get fed up with and burned down on social media and technology and just want to take a break. Try a different method of communication and don’t jump to a conclusion before actually finding out something more substantial.


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