A World Without Women – This Man Explains Why Women Should Be Banned

World Without Women – The video begins with the person quoting the opening wonderful verse from the song “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga” from the movie 1942 – A Love Story.

Then he proceeds to show how the society actually sees women and the comments (usually lewd) that men pass on the fairer sex.

He also explains how women are generalised as ‘bad girl’ based on certain behaviours that are ‘frowned upon’ by the Indian society.

Thanks to the generalisation of women under substandard categories, this person comes with the best possible idea – BAN WOMEN.

A country where banning has become an everyday occurrence, the suggestion actually seems feasible.

He, then, sarcastically provides tips for women preventing them from facing the ban

– Not wearing sexy clothes

– Not eating chowmein

– Never question, especially about equality.

With examples of female foeticide, rapes, molestation and child abuse, the Indian society seems to have been experiencing a downward spiral with regards to women.

Imagine a world without women. Seems impractical, doesn’t it? Well, then it is only right that men respect women and give them the honour they deserve.

This Women’s Day, let your mother, sister, girlfriend and spouse know that they are special and the world is empty without them.

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